CCNA2 R&S Week 7

Date Subject Lesson Plan
05/03/16 CCNA2

Homework Due:
1. PT "Configuring Standard ACLs" (save and email .pka)
2. PT "Configuring Named Standard ACLs" (save and email .pka)
3. PT "Configuring an ACL on VTY Lines" (save and email .pka)
4. PT "Configuring Extended ACLs - Scenario 1" (save and email .pka)
5. PT "Skills Integration Challenge" (save and email .pka)

Lecture Quiz: Chapter 9

Lecture: Chapter 10 - DHCP
Lecture: Chapter 11 - NAT

In-Class Labs & Activities:

1. IM
2. IM
3. IM
4. IM (1-6)

At-home CCNA2

Homework Assignment:
1. PT "Configuring DHCPv4 Using Cisco IOS" (save and email .pka)
2. PT "Skills Integration Challenge" (save and email .pka)
3. PT "Implementing Static and Dynamic NAT" (save and email .pka)
4. PT "Verifying and Troubleshooting NAT Configurations" (save and email .pka)
5. Read and Study Chapters 1-11 for final exam

Optional Homework for Certification Track Students:
1. PT "Investigating NAT Operation"
2. PT "Configuring Dynamic NAT"
3. PT "Configuring Port Forwarding on a Linksys Router"
4. PT "Skills Integration Challenge"

Chapter Exam: Chapter 10 & 11 (Available midnight Wednesday to midnight Sunday)