CCNA3 R&S Week 2

Date Subject Lesson Plan
09/05/17 CCNA3

1. Chapter 2 - Scaling VLANs
2. Chapter 3 - STP

In-Class Labs & Activities:
1. PT - Configure VTP and DTP
2. PT - Configuring PVST+

Please note that you can work ahead as far as you are comfortable doing so. I would prefer that you not wait until the evening of the lectures to hear the information for the first time. I would prefer to help you with any misunderstandings or answer any questions after having read the material.

Networking is a hands-on skill. Do as many of the Packet Tracer activities in the chapters as possible to practice the skills. Repeat the Packet Tracers as many times as necessary to gain proficiency. Basic skills need to become second nature and will come with practice.



Homework Assignment: (due Sunday at midnight - email)
1. PT Configure Layer 3 Switching and Inter-VLAN routing
2. PT Configuring Rapid PVST+

3. Read Chapter 4

Chapter Exam: (Available midnight Wednesday to midnight Sunday)
Be sure to click on Assignments, then Chapters Exams