CCNA1 Module 1 - Exploring the Network

Date Subject Lesson Plan
08/22/23 Setup Notes Start a new junior CCNA1 course and A+ course.
08/23/23 CCNA1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

Discussion: CVCC Computer Networking Academy 1 Info

Attendance policy

Must bring ear buds or headset to school every day.

a. Assign seats.

Welcome to CVCC Computer Networking Academy
View Video: The Two Websites We Will Be Using

b. Assignment: Make name tents and place on top of desks: (15 min)
         a. Your preferred first name
         b. Decorate with an interest
         c. Inside, if you wish, write a note to yourself in two years
c. Tissues & hand sanitizer are located in the front of room
d. Student computer username format: firstname.lastname
                                            password: student ID numbers
e. Test the printer communication from your workstation and retrieve the print job. Use the ENG printer.
f. Retrieve high school forms from your folder folder and initial in: Turn in High School Forms by Friday for 25 extra credit points (must be fully completed!). Go over the forms.
g. Your class schedules are in your folder.
h. Locker Form - Pick a locker and put your name on it using a post-it note. Assignments needed for locker form. Write locker number on locker form.
i. School Handbooks (need for form) - Write name in/on book.  Need book to go to office or counselor. Do not lose! Replacement books are $10

View Video: Summarizing the First Day (5:07)

10:00 - Math: Go to math class at 9:55 unless we're concluding a discussion or video.

08/24/23 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

You will need to be like a sponge this year. Do not let things like cellphones distract your attention or you will be lost. Keep phones put aweay while we are conducting class. If you cannot control your impulse to look at your phone, you will need to put your phone somewhere out of your reach.

I am here to teach IT knowledge and skills, you are here to learn IT knowledge and skills. If you here for any other reason, I STRONGLY recommend that you reconsider your course selection this year.

School Handbooks have important information.

a. School calendar
b. Location of classrooms
c. Administration
d. Guidance
e. School closings
f. Leaving during the school day
g. Notification of absence
i. Food and beverage policy

You will need the book to go to office or counselor. Do not lose! Replacement books are $10

Folders: Submit work in the Junior folder. Work is returned to your personal folder.

  • Sign in and check and take contents of your personal folder to seat when arriving to class.
  • Put any homework in Junior folder when arriving to class only!!
  • Put any daily completed work in Junior folder before leaving.
  • Do not go into any folder but your own for any reason!

a. Academy shirts
b. Lunch info
c. Assignment: Start a three-ring binder to keep your engineering notes
    * Make cover page - print to Engineering printer
d. Assignment: Read the Welcome letter
e. Assignment: Print and complete the Student Questionnaire. Print double-sided (duplex) and stapled. Turn in to Junior folder
f. School forms - Return by Friday for 25 extra credit points.  Can't continue to use computer until all forms returned starting Monday. All your work will need to be done at home.
g. Netacad accounts

08/25/23 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

Discussion: Lock down

Lockdown Drill 9:00 (2023)

Turn in High School Forms for 25 extra credit points (Last chance)

Create Cisco Academy Profiles.
Enroll all students in A+, Intro to PT, and Cisco courses for the year.

a. This is not your regular high school class
b. Discussion: AUP
c. Restrooms - stay on our level - Level 2. One student at a time. Go to restroom before class.  No restroom breaks before 8:15. Sign out before leaving and sign back in!
d. Password notecards: (pass out & return)
e. Email address: firstname.lastname@stu.cvccworks.edu
                                            password: student ID numbers
f. Cisco students have special priviledges - Agreement form
g. Fire Drill Procedure - (go outside take building tour)
h. Water fountain & classroom sink

Start Module 1 - Exploring the Network

Discussion: Introductory Chapter - Intro to Packet Tracer
Discussion: First Time in This Course
Discussion: Student Resources
Discussion: Introduction to Packet Tracer
Video: Overview of Packet Tracer
Read/Video: Download and Install Packet Tracer
Activity: Install Packet Tracer on your school computer
Read: Introduction to Packet Tracer

Finish installing Packet Tracer on school computer.

Homework: Install Packet Tracer software at home

Classwork/Homework: Over weekend, go onto netacad.com and familiarize yourself with course materials.

08/28/23 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

50% of your grade will come from the CCNA1 course.
50% of your grade will come from the A+ Core 1 course (computer hardware).

Students who get into academic trouble in the Computer Networking Academy are those who under estimate the amount of learning that takes place here. You will be learning something new everyday. If you aren't paying attention (i.e. looking at your phone) and staying engaged you will miss out on the opportunity to learn. You're wasting your time and my time.

Distracted students get behind because they don't learn the material or miss the instructions.

Discussion: Electronic Devices, Academic Intgrity, Video Surveillance polices from student handbook.

Turn in High School Forms

Discussion: No name folder

Discussion: Syntopic process

a. Assignment: Cisco Treasure Hunt Worksheet (23 points) - 30 minutes.

  Intro to PT

Let's try downloading and installing newest version of Packet Tracer again.

Read Section: Chapter 1 Summary

Read Section: Start Chapter 2

Read Section: Packet Tracer User Interface
Video: Watch the embedded video (7:03)

Cisco lab packets do not have a place to write your name. Please write your name in the upper, right hand corner when you receive your packet so you don't forget to write it in later.

PT: Deploying Devices

08/29/23 CCNA1
Section 1

Introduction to CNA course and housekeeping:

Discussion: Field trip planned for October
1. RITE Board
2. Dress shoes, collar shirt, tie
3. Dress pants

a. Discussion: Cisco Networking Academy PowerPoint

b. Discussion: Cisco Treasure Hunt

  Intro to PT

Put all of your returned graded work in your binder.

You will need ear buds/headset for this class this year and next. Please bring them to class everyday or leave them in your locker.

PT Deploying and Cabling Devices (10 minutes)

Read Section: Device Configuration
Video: Watch the embedded video

Read Section Packet Tracer - GUI and CLI Configuration
PT: Configure End Devices - Sandbox mode (15 minutes)

PT: Create a Simple Network Using Packet Tracer - Sandbox mode (Take home)

08/30/23 CCNA1
Section 1

Use your student handbooks for video session.

Video: Zoom Activity: Handbook Presenation 8:00 (2023)

a.. Discussion: Lab Guidelines

b. Discussion: Cisco Class Rules

c. Discussion: What grades should you expect?

Discussion: IT Certifications available while at CVCC

  Intro to PT

Review/Show Me your PT: Create a Simple Network Using Packet Tracer (Finish)

Read: Read the summary

Start Chapter 3

The great thing about simulation mode that we are about to learn is you can see the data as it travels through the network. Unfortunately, watching the data as it flows through an actual network isn't possible. You have to image what's happening to troubleshoot problems.

Term: PDU - Protocol Data Unit (the data being sent through the network in small pieces)

Read: Simulation Mode

Read: Creating PDUs in Simulation Mode
Embedded Video: Creating PDUs in Simulation Mode (8:09)

Read: Viewing the Contents of PDUs.
Embedded Video: Viewing the Contents of PDUs (5:41)

Read: Packet Tracer Explore Network Functionality Using PDUs
PT: Explore Network Functionality Using PDUs

08/31/23 CCNA1

Link: Top 10 Skills for High-School Students slide show and worksheet (15 min)

Discussion: Classroom cleaning supplies, tissues, recycle bin, sweeper.

Discussion: Install Google Extension SpeakIt!

Cheating - A real (well known) problem in our digital world - Imagine a world where everyone cheats. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, airline pilots, nurses, etc. It's Ok if I cheat as long as no one else is . . . right?

Discussion: Final Skills Exam

Discussion: Pace of the Course - Keeping ahead is Mandatory. If you are always behind you will be overwhelmed by the class.  At some point you won't be able to catch up with rest of class and get discouraged.

a. These online lesson plans are the low-water mark - WORK AHEAD
b. If you will not commit your time, you have to make a decision whether to stay
c. If you don't get the work done in class, TAKE IT HOME. Turn in work next morning.
d. I cannot create a hardship for the entire class because a few students refuse to keep up

Link: Module 1 Reading Organizer

Have earbuds/headset everyday.

Discussion: 1.0.1 Why should I take this module?
Discussion: 1.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?
Discussion: 1.1.1 Networks Connect Us
Discussion: 1.1.2 Video: The Cisco Networking Academy Learning Experience (2:28)
Discussion: 1.1.3 No Boundries

Homework: Spend 30 minutes reading ahead or reviewing what we did in class.

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 1-2

  Intro to PT None today
09/01/23 CCNA1

Fire Drill: 9:00 (2023)

Select Class Officers: Pres., V. Pres., Secretary, Treasurer

Discussion:  Video: Mind Wide Open - You have to want to learn!! and worksheet. It's not about the points!

From this point forward expect a quiz at the end of every section. Quizzes will help give you feedback on your level of understanding. Be sure to read all of the text.

Start Section 2 - Network Components

Read: 1.2.1 Host Roles
Video: Host Roles (3:34)
Video: Client-Server (3:57)

Read: 1.2.2 Peer-to-Peer
Video: Peer-to-Peer (4:44)

Read: 1.2.3 End Devices
Video: End Devices (2:21)

Read: 1.2.4 Intermediate Devices
Video: Intermediate Devices (1:07)
Video: Intermediate Devices (3:44)

Video: Summary (2:36)

Read: 1.2.5 Network Media
Video: Network Media (4:46)

Activity: 1.2.6 Check Your Understanding - Network Components

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 3-13

Study for Quiz! Sections 1 and 2 Quiz

  Intro to PT

Start Chapter 4 - Packet Tracer Usage

Read: Packet Tracer Usage

Read: The Packet Tracer Physical View
Embedded Video: The Packet Tracer Physical View (8:19)

PT: Packet Tracer Physical View

09/05/23 CCNA1

The knowledge you aquire in this class depends on new and prior knowledge being mastered. We do not jump through hoops here! Review, practice, quiz yourself frequently.

Due today: PT: Packet Tracer Physical View

CIPA - Media Literacy Training

Learning Goals Worksheet

Quiz: Chapter 1, Section 1 & 2 Quiz

YouTube Video: The Future of Internet Infrastructure.(6:35)  How will you play a part? Complete worksheet for points.

Discussion: Class shared drive (CNA)

Resource: Cisco Press Video Collection on CNA drive.

Start Chapter 1, Section 3 - Network Representations and Topologies

Read: 1.3.1 Network Representations
Video: Network Representations (5:00)

Read: 1.3.2 Topology Diagrams
Video: Topology Diagrams ( 5:04)

Activity: 1.3.3 Check Your Understanding - Network Representations and Topologies

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 14-16

Study for Chapter 1, Section 3 Quiz

  Intro to PT

Read: Packet Tracer File Types
Embedded Video: Packet Tracer File Types (6:33)

Read: Packet Tracer Assessment Types
Embedded Video: Packet Tracer Assessment Types (7:36)

Read: Summary

09/06/23 CCNA1

Review Module 1, Section 1 & 2 Quiz

Discussion: Tips from 2021 Junior Class

Quiz: Chapter 1, Section 3

Start Chapter 1, Section 4 - Common Types of Networks

Read: 1.4.1 Networks of Many Sizes
Video: Networks of Many Sizes (3:37)

Read: 1.4.2 LANs and WANs
Video: LANs and WANs (4:28)
Video: Professor Messer Network Types (3:20)

Read: 1.4.3 The Internet
Video: The Internet (3:21)

Read: 1.4.4 Intranets and Extranets
Video: Intranets and Extranets (4:26)

Activity: 1.4.5 Check Your Understanding - Common Types of Networks

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 17-26

  A+ Hardware

Welcome to the IT Essentials Course. Chapters 1-9 are focused on the A+ 220-1101 Hardware Exam. The expectation is that you will take and pass the 220-1101 exam upon finishing chapters 1-9 towards the end of the year. CVCC will provide you with a test voucher at no cost to you.

Link: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Core 1 Objectives - 220-1101

The senior year A+ Software 220-1102 exam topics are covered in chapters 10-14 for next year. Once you've passed both exams, you will have earned the CompTIA A+ certification.

We will be using both the Cisco Network Academy and LearnKey to prepare for the exam. You will need to memorize a lot of information to be successful on the exams.

Valuable Free Resource: Professor Messer A+ Training Course

Read: Welcome
Video: Welcome (1:27)

Embedded Video: What's in a Computer? (5:38)

Read: Electrical Safety
Video: Electrical Safety (0:49)

Read: ESD
Video: The Science of Static Electricity (3:39)
Video: Anti Static Safety (2:13)
Video: ESD (2:40)
Video: ESD Recommendations (2:32)

Video: Anti Static Safety (2:14)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - ESD Characteristics

Study for A+ Chapter 1, Section 1

  Intro to PT

Quiz: Packet Tracer Basics

09/07/23 CCNA1

Open House Event this evening 7:00-8:00 (2023)

Active vs. Passive Learning.
Active means actually capturing and able to use the knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. Passive learning means just passing through like a spectator at a sporting event, not really aquiring real skills or knowledge. Which student are you?

Activity: Student ProgressBook Acoounts

Pre-Test for HQSD (use the scantron form)

Start Chapter 1, Section 5 - Internet Connections

Read: 1.5.1 Internet Access Technologies
Video: Internet Access Technologies (2:57)

Read: 1.5.2 Home and Small Office Internet Connections
Video: Home and Small Office Internet Connections (3:04)
Link: HughesNet

Read: 1.5.3 Business Internet Connections
Video: Business Internet Connections (3:54)

Read: 1.5.4 The Converging Network
Video: The Converging Network (3:00)

PT: 1.5.5 Network Representation

Discussion: Binary Math Intro - Subnet example (, 3 subnets) Be prepared to take notes.

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 27-30

  A+ Hardware

None today

09/08/23 CCNA1

Distribute parent's ProgressBook logon credientials to students

Start Module 1, Secton 6 - Reliable Networks

Read: 1.6.1 Network Architecture
Video: Network Architecture (0:34)

Read: 1.6.2 Fault Tolerance
Video: Fault Tolerance (0:57)

Read: 1.6.3 Scalability

Read: 1.6.4 Quality of Service
Video: Quality of Service (2:03)

Read: 1.6.5 Network Security

Activity: 1.6.6 Check Your Understanding - Reliable Networks

Class Activity: Note Card: IPv4 Address Ranges (1st octet) - Memorize!

  • Class A: 0-127
  • Class B: 128-191
  • Class C: 192-223

Class Activity: Note Card: Default Subnet Masks - Memorize!

  • Class A:
  • Class B:
  • Class C:

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 31-43

  A+ Hardware

Review: A+ Chapter 1, Section 1
Quiz: A+ Chapter 1, Section 1

Read: Cases
Video: Cases (4:20)
Video: How To Choose A PC Case (12:19)

09/11/23 CCNA1

Note: Subnetting is an essential skill. If you do not learn how to subnet you will not be a network administrator.

BPA Discussion - Contest signups. BPA.org

Review: Classes

Discussion: Data unit of measure. Bit/byte.

Activity: Binary Math Intro Worksheet (together in class - turn in)

Start Module 1, Section 7 - Network Trends

Read: 1.7.1 Recent Trends

Read: 1.7.2 BYOD
Video: Should Your Company Go BYOD? (8:00)

Read: 1.7.3 Online Collaboration

Read: 1.7.4 Video Communications

Embedded Video: 1.7.5 Cisco Webex for Huddles

Read: 1.7.6 Cloud Computing
Video: Public Cloud vs Private Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud (3:27)

Read: 1.7.7 Technology Trends in the Home
Video: Inside an Internet of Things House (2:17)

Read: 1.7.8 Powerline Networking
Video: Powerline Networking (1:40)

Read: 1.7.9 Wireless Broadband
Video: Wireless Broadband (2:12)

Activity: 1.7.10 Check Your Understanding - Network Trends

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 44-57

Study: Module 1, Section 7 Quiz

  A+ Hardware

Review: A+ Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz

Read: Power Supplies
Video: History of Power Supplies (7:44)

Read: Connectors
Video: Ports, Connectors, Cables (5:14)

Read: Power Supply Voltage
Video: Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (5:12)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Cases and Power Supplies

Study for Quiz A+ Chapter 1, Section 1.2.1

Discussion: Review for Quiz

09/12/23 CCNA1

Must wear Academy Shirts!! (or 15 point penalty)

Please don't use cell phones in class. If they become a distraction then they become a problem.

Activity: Binary Math - Decimal to Binary/Binary to Decimal conversion worksheets (pgs. 1-4)

Activity: Binary Math - Borrowing Bits Practice Worksheet (together in class - turn in)

Start Module 1, Section 8 - Network Security

Read: 1.8.1 Security Threats (be able to define:)
Video: Professor Messer - An Overview of Malware (4:00)

  • Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Spyware and adware
  • Zero-day attacks
  • Threat actor attacks
  • Denial of service attacks (DOS attacks)
  • Data interception and theft (Man-in-the-middle attacks)
  • Identity theft

Read: 1.8.2 Security Solutions (be able to define:)

  • Antivirus and antispyware (Anti-malware)
  • Firewall filtering (Windows Defender for example)
  • Dedicated firewall systems (5506-X for example)
  • Access control lists (ACL)
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) or Intrusion detection systems (IDS)
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)

Activity: 1.8.3 Check Your Understanding - Network Security

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 58-62

  A+ Hardware

Discussion: Professor Messer Free A+ Training Course

Quiz: A+ Chapter 1, Section 2.1 (Open book this time - be prepared for closed book in the future).

Read: Motherboards

Read: Motherboard Components

Read: Motherboard Chipset
Video: An Introduction to Computer Chipsets (11:51)

Read: Motherboard Form Factors
Video: Professor Messer - Motherboard Form Factors (6:57)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Motherboards

Activity: Binary Math - Borrowing Bits Practice Worksheet (on your own)

09/13/23 CCNA1

Activity: Binary Math - Network & Host Addresses (pgs. 7-8)

Video: Protecting Yourself (and your components) from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) (12:17)

Discussion: Cisco.com

Video: IT Career Paths - The Best for Beginners (16:30)

Video: What is Blockchain?

Start Chapter 1, Section 9 - The IT Professional

Read: 1.9.1 CCNA
Video: Make Crazy Money in Tech (8:36)

Read: 1.9.2 Networking Jobs

Lab: 1.9.3 Lab - Research IT and Networking Job Opportunities
**** Be sure to always answer the reflection questions - highly weighted! ****

Discussion: Link: Top 10 Hottest Tech Occupations (2023)

Assignment: Module 1 Reading Organizer 63 (finish)

  A+ Hardware

Storage is never referred to as memory!! Storage is storage and memory is memory!!

Hard drive is storage
RAM is memory

Review: Motherboards

Read: What is a CPU (know the difference between a PGA and LGA)
Video: See How a CPU Works (19:59)

Read: Cooling Systems
Video: YouTube: Professor Messer: CPU Cooling (5:51)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - CPUs and Cooling Systems

Read: Types of Memory

09/14/23 CCNA1

At the end of this school year you will be required to use everything you've learned to solve complex networking problems. If you haven't learned what you need to learn in the months ahead you will not be able to solve the lab problems at the end of the year.

Discussion - Link: 12 Challenges Facing IT Professionals

Start Chapter 1, Section 10 - Module Practice and Quiz

Read: 1.10.1 What did I learn in this module?

Video: Jason Johnson: Module 1 Review (35:14)

Review PowerPoint: Module 1

Assignment: Review PowerPoint Questions (12 points)

Online Module Quiz: Networking Today

Discussion: Binary Math - IPv4 Address Classes pgs. 5-6 (15 minutes)

Study for Module 1 Test


Video: Professor Messer A+ Training Course (14:12)

Professer Messer: Full list of videos

Video: Different Kinds of Memory as Fast As Possible (5:53)

Read: Types of ROM (know the four types)

Read: Types of RAM (know the difference)

Video: LearnKey: Domain 3: RAM (8:35)
Assignment: LearnKey Worksheet: RAM Types and Channels

09/15/23 CCNA1

BPA Launching Event (2023)

Review Activity: Binary Math - Borrowing Bits Practice Worksheet

Review: Module 1

Review Video: Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses (2:45)

Review Video: Difference between Computer Viruses, Worms, and Trojans (2:25)

Test: Module 1


Video: LearnKey: Motherboards, CPUs, and Cards (30:48)