CCNA1 ITN Module 4 - Physical Layer

Date Subject Lesson Plan
10/31/23 CCNA1

Happy Halloween!!

Zoom Conference: CFT video conference 11:00 am

We will need to pick-up the pace of the course to finish. Be prepared to work a little harder going into new grading period.

Discussion: Module 4 - The Physical Layer

Link: Module 4 Reading Organizer

Video: Multiple Choice Taking Strategies and Tips (3:36)

*** There are a lot of things to memorize in this module. Be prepared!! ***

Start Module 4 - Physical Layer

Start: Module 4, Section 0 - Introduction

Activity: Module 4 Tour

Read: 4.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 4.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 4, Section 1 - Purpose of the Physical Layer

Read: 4.1.1 The Physical Connection

Read: 4.1.2 The Physical Layer

Activity: 4.1.3 Check Your Understanding - Purpose of the Physical Layer

Assignment: Module 4 Reading Organizer questions 1-2


Review: Chapter 2 Exam Study Guide
Review: Chapter 2 PowerPoint

Embedded Video: Complete the Computer Assembly

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Identify the External Connectors

Lab: Complete the Computer Assembly

Note: Leave computers out to do BIOS labs next chapter.

Discussion: M.2
Video: M.2 As Fast As Possible (6:14)

Boot up computer and leave on when you leave today.

Activity: Chapter 2 Terms and Concepts Practice on your own

Activity: Chapter 2 Quiz on your own

Study: Chapter 2 Test (Read the chapter from cover to cover tonight)

11/01/23 CCNA1

Speaker: Secret Service 8:15 - 8:30 start (2023)

Class C Subnet Practice #8

Start Module 4, Section 2 - Physical Layer Characteristics

Read: 4.2.1 Physical Layer Standards

Read: 4.2.2 Physical Components

Read: 4.2.3 Encoding

  • Physical Components
    • NICs, cables, ports, interfaces
  • Encoding (16:54)
  • Know what Manchester Encoding is.

Read: 4.2.4 Signaling

Read: 4.2.5 Bandwidth

  • Bandwidth is measured in bits per second - bps
  • Limits depend on physical media & technology used: encoding/signaling method


Video: Jason Johnson: ITEv7 Chapter 2 Review (17:55)

8:30: Test: Chapter 2

11/02/23 CCNA1

Video: CTF Awards (2023)

Read: 4.2.6 Bandwdth Terminology

  • Latency is the amount of bandwidth lost through delays
  • Throughput is bandwidth minus latency
  • Goodput - useable data

Assignment: Network Baseline Testing Worksheet

Activity: Speed Test:
Activity: Speed Test: Charter Communications
Activity: Speed Test: Comcast XFINITY
Activity: Speed Test: Frontier

Lab: Internet Speed Test

Activity: 4.2.7 Check Your Understanding - Physical Layer Characteristics

Start Module 4, Section 3 - Copper Cabling

Read: 4.3.1 Characteristics of Copper Cabling

Read: 4.3.2 Types of Copper Cabling

  • Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) - RJ45
  • Shielded Twisted -Pair (STP) - Shielded RJ45
  • Coaxial, Type 6 - F Connector

Read: 4.3.3 Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP)

Read: 4.3.4 Shielded twisted-pair (STP)

Assignment: Module 4 Reading Organizer questions 3-25


None today

11/03/23 CCNA1

Subnet Practice (10 min) - We still need practice!!

Video: Professor Messer: Copper Cabling (9:28)

Read: 4.3.5 Coaxial cable
Video: Making "F" type Crimp, Compression, and Twist-on Connectors for Coax Cable (14:38)

Activity: 4.3.6 Copper Cabling

Review Video: Professor Messer: Network Fundamentals (6:18)

Read: 4.4.1 Properties of UTP Cabling

Read: 4.4.2 UTP Cabling Standards and Connectors

Video: Professor Messer: Troubleshooting Copper Cables (6:19)

  • Inexpensive & easy to install
  • Attenuation (limits distance)
  • EMI & RFI - shielding
  • Crosstalk - twisting wire
  • Proper installation and routing of cable

Read: 4.4.3 Straight-through and Crossover UTP Cables
Video: Professor Messer: Wiring Standards (10:10)

  • Straight-through
  • Crossover
  • Rollover

Activity: 4.4.4 Activity - Cable Pinouts

Assignment: Module 4 Reading Organizer 26-31


Start Chapter 3 - Advanced Computer Hardware

Activity: Chapter 3 Tour

Read: Welcome
Video: BIOS, CMOS, UEFI - What's the difference? (5:36)

Video Demonstration: BIOS - UEFI Menus

Read: POST

  • Know what a "beep code" is and how it is used

Read: BIOS and CMOS
Video: Professor Messer: BIOS (5:25)

Read: UEFI

Activity: Check Your Understanding - BIOS and UEFI Terminology

Activity: Finish updating student lab computers and cleaning-up repair stations.

11/06/23 CCNA1

Video: How to install an RJ45 connector on a CAT5 Ethernet network Patch Cable (7:38)

Lab: Building an Ethernet Crossover Cable (Start)
Please let me inspect and test your cable (initial) before testing with the PCs.


Activity: Finish updating student lab computers and cleaning-up repair stations.

11/08/23 CCNA1
Section 1

You won't do well here because you won't be aquiring the skills and knowledge needed if you are:

  • Not paying attention in class
  • Not reading the text in/out of school
  • Not studying/practicing/reviewing
  • Thinking that "showing up" is good enough

Subnet Problem Class B Practice #1

Lab: Building an Ethernet Crossover Cable (Finish)


(For 2023-2024 class - use lab PCs)

Video Demonstartion: Configure BIOS - UEFI Settings

Video: Professor Messer: BIOS and UEFI - CompTIA A+ 220-901 (7:29)

Lab: Investigate BIOS or EUFI Settings
Note: Some of the questions can't be answered. Usethe simulated BIOS link below:

Link: Simulated BIOS

Read: BIOS and UEFI Security
Video: Professor Messer: BIOS Security - CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (4:12)

Read: Update the Firmware

Activity: BIOS and UEFI Configuration Terminology

Video: Tech Deals: Update Your BIOS in 5 Minutes (7:47)

Lab: Search for BIOS or UEFI Firmware Updates

11/09/23 CCNA1

Subnet Practice: Find the Magic Number

Start Module 4, Section 5 - Fiber-Optic Cabling

Read: 4.5.1 Properties of Fiber-Optic Cabling

Read: 4.5.2 Types of Fiber Media

  • Single Mode
    • Small core: 9 microns
    • Less dispersion
    • Long distance
    • Lasers
    • Backbone
    • Thousands of meters
  • Mutimode
    • Larger core: 50/62.5 microns
    • Greater dipersion
    • Shorter distance
    • LEDs
    • LANs
    • Hundreds of meters

Read: 4.5.3 Fiber-Optic Cabling Usage

Video: Submarine Cable (8:44)

Read: 4.5.4 Fiber-Optic Connectors
Video: Professor Messer: Network Connectors (6:10)

  • ST, SC, LC, Duplex LC
  • Yellow for single mode
  • Orange for multimode

Read: 4.5.5 Fiber Patch Cords

Read: 4.5.6 Fiber versus Copper

Activity: 4.5.7 Check Your Understanding - Fiber-Optic Cabling

Assignment: Module 4 Reading Organizer questions 32-40


Video: LearnKey: Domain 4: Client-Side Virtualization (7:22)
Assignment: LearnKey Worksheet: Purpose of Virtual Machines

Install Oracle VirtualBox on your local machine

Copy OS Windows 10 to your desktop

Lab: Install Windows (Start)

11/10/23 CCNA1

Veteran's day assembly 9:30

Module 4 Test next Thursday (2023). Know the information in the text. Memorize those items I mentioned that you must memorize. There will also be review questions from past modules.

Start Module 4, Section 6 - Wireless Media
Video: Professor Messer: Wireless Network Technologies (10:46)

Read: 4.6.1 Properties of Wireless Media

Read: 4.6.2 Types of Wireless Media
Video: Professor Messer Wireless Standards (6:22)

Read: 4.6.3 Wireless LAN

Activity: 4.6.4 Check Your Understanding - Wireless Media

PT: 4.6.5 Connect a Wired and Wireless LAN (30 minutes)

Assignment: Module 4 Reading Organizer questions 41-45 (end)

Assignment: Study for Module 4 Test


Finish installing Windows 10 to your new virtual computer

Install as though it is your computer - you may have to create a Microsoft Account

Lab: Install Windows (Finish)

Assignment: LearnKey Worksheet: Virtual Machine Requirements

11/13/23 CCNA1

100% Club 8:30 (2023)

Module 4 Test on Thursday (2023). Know the information in the text. Memorize those items I mentioned you must memorize. There will also be review questions from past modules.

Subnet Practice: Class B

Lab: 4.6.6 View Wired and Wireless NIC Information (30 minutes)

Video: What is a Proxy Server? (4:42)
Video: How to Setup a Proxy on Windows 10 (4:30)

Assignment: Study for Module 4 Test


Lab: Install Third-Party Software in Windows - in virtual machine (15 minutes)
Video: Techquickie: What's the Difference Between AC and DC? (5:25)

Read: Wattage and Voltage
Video: Professor Messer: Computer Power (12:30)

Read: Power Supply Voltage Setting

Video: Ohm's Law Explained Simply (6:27)
Video: Ohm’s Law Tutorial with easy practice problems (15:50)
Lab: Ohm’s Law (Take home to do - use video above for help)

11/14/23 CCNA1
Section 2

Discussion: 10th Grade Visits


Module 4 Test on Thursday (2023). Know the information in the text. Memorize those items I mentioned you must memorize. There will also be review test questions from past modules.

Video: Ethernet Cables, UTP vs STP, Straight vs Crossover, CAT 5,5e,6,7,8 Network Cables (7:06)

Start Module 4, Section 7 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 4.7.1 Physical Layer Exploration
((Walk thru w/students Part 1 through Part 2 b. 40 min.) about 60 min total)

Optional: Visual Traceroute Installation:

Install Java using this link

Install Visual Traceroute using this link

Assignment: Study for Module 4 Test


Video: LearnKey: Domain 3: Power Supplies (5:24)
Assignment: LearnKey Worksheet: Power Supply Installations

Read: Power Fluctuation Types

Read: Power Protection Devices

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Power Fluctuation Terms

11/15/23 CCNA1

Activity: 10th Grade Visits 9:30-10:30 (2023)

Voting Period: November 10th, 2023 - November 20th, 2023 To cast your vote, visit the voting link: T-shirt Designs: -
Pins Designs:

Activity: Subnet Problem Class B

Video: What is SFP Transceiver and How Does It Work (2:57)

PT: 4.7.2 Connect the Physical Layer (30 minutes)

Read: 4.7.2 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 4.7.3 Module Quiz - Physical Layer

Assignment: Study for Module 4 Test Tomorrow


Read: CPU Architectures
Video: Professor Messer: CPU Features (10:01)

Read: Enhancing CPU Operation

Read: Multicore Processors

Read: CPU Cooling Mechanisms
Video: Professor Messer: CPU Cooling (6:48)

Activity: CPU Architectures and Operation

11/16/23 CCNA1

Review: Class B Subnet Problem

Review Video: Jason Johnson CCNA1, Module 4 (29:44)

Test: Module 4 (and some review from past modules)

Start Chapter 5 - Number Systems


Video: LearnKey Domain 3.4 x64/x86
Assignment: LearnKey Worksheet: CPU Architecture

Activity: What Do You Already Know? - RAID
Assignment: RAID Cheat Sheet take notes.

  • Striping
  • Mirroring
  • Parity
  • Double Parity

Read: RAID Concepts
Video: Professor Messer: RAID Concepts (7:20)

Read: RAID Levels
Video: What is RAID (9:56)

Activity: Check Your Understanding – RAID Levels