CCNA1 ITN Module 9 - Address Resolution

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/05/23 CCNA1

Start BPA Judged Event Prep

Start Module 9 - Address Resolution

Link: Module 9 Reading Organizer

Read: 9.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 9.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 9, Section 1 - MAC and IP

Read: 9.1.1 Destination on Same Network

Read: 9.1.2 Destination on Remote Network

PT: 9.1.3 Identify MAC and IP Addresses

Activity: 9.1.4 Check Your Understanding - MAC and IP

Assignment: Module 9 Reading Organizer questions 1-7


Read: Personal Reference Tools

Read: Internet Reference Tools

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Reference Tools

Activity: Advanced Problems and Solutions for Hardware

01/06/23 CCNA1

Start Module 9, Section 2 - ARP

Read: 9.2.1 ARP Overview
Video: Keith Barker: How Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Works (5:28)

Read: 9.2.2 ARP Functions

Demonstration Video: 9.2.3 ARP Request (2:53)

Demonstration Video: 9.2.4 ARP Operation - ARP Reply (1:45)

Demonstration Video: 9.2.5 ARP Role in Remote Communications (3:01)

Read: 9.2.6 Removing Entries from an ARP Table

Read: 9.2.7 ARP Tables on Networking Devices

Read: 9.2.8 ARP Issues - ARP Broadcasts and ARP Spoofing

PT: 9.2.9 Examine the ARP Table

Activity: 9.2.10 Check Your Understanding - ARP

Assignment: Module 9 Reading Organizer Questions 8-37


Lab: Use a Multimeter and a Power Supply Tester (Start)
Lab: Supplement

01/09/23 CCNA1

Activity: Subnet Practice:

Start Module 9, Section 3 - IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
Video: Internet Protocol - IPv4 vs IPv6 as Fast As Possible (6:11)

Demonstration Video: 9.3.1 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery

Read: 9.3.2 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Messages

Read: 9.3.3 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery - Address Resolution
Video: Rick Graziani: IPv6 Fundamentals: A Brief Look at ICMPv6 Neighbor Discover (9:35)

PT: 9.3.4 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (45 min)

Activity: 9.3.5 Check Your Understanding - Neighbor Discovery

Start Module 9, Section 4 - Module Practice and Quiz

Read: 9.4.1 What did I learn in this module?

Read: 9.4.2 Module Quiz - Address Resolution

Assignment: Module 9 Reading Organizer questions 38-53 (end)


Lab: Use a Multimeter and a Power Supply Tester (Finish)
Lab: Supplement

Lab: Troubleshoot Hardware Problems (Not doing this lab)

Read: Chapter Summary

Video: Jason Johnson: ITEv7 Chapter 4 Review (20:44)

Activity: Chapter 4 Terms and Concepts Practice

Activity: Chapter 4 Quiz (10 points)

Study/Review: Chapter 4 Test

01/10/23 CCNA1

Review: Module 9

Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 9 (6:59)

Test: Module 9 (8:00 am)

Start Module 10 - Basic Router Configuration