CCNA1 R&S Module 10

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/31/24 CCNA1 Computer Hardware pretest

Link: Module 10 Reading Organizer

Reference: CCNA Official Cert Guide: Chapter 15: Operating Cisco Routers

Start Chapter 10 - Basic Router Configuration

Read: 10.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 10.0.2 What will I learn in this module?

Video: CBTNugg: #19 Understanding Routing Core (35:15)

Read: 10.1.1 Basic Router Configuration Steps

Read: 10.1.2 Basic Router Configuration Example

Syntax Checker: 10.1.3 Configure Initial Router Settings

PT: 10.1.4 Configure Initial Router Settings

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 1-4


Video Demonstration: Build and Test a Network Cable (6:54)

Lab: Build and Test a Network Cable - Pass through
Video: How To Make RJ45 Network Patch Cables - Cat 5E and Cat 6 (12:08)

Link: Picture of unsatisfactory crimps

The 3 biggest issues with RJ-45 Termination:

  • Wire jacket not pinched by plastic rib
  • Wires in wrong order
  • Wires not pushed far enough into connector before crimping
02/01/23 CCNA1

Activity: Fill out resume questonair and bring it with you on Monday!! (2024)

Absences/tardies affect Senior Early Placement eligibility.

(Do A+ first)

Review yesterday's lab: PT: 10.1.4 Configure Initial Router Settings

Start Chapter 10, Section 2 - Configure Router Interfaces

Read: 10.2.1 Configure Router Interfaces

Read: 10.2.2 Configure Router Interfaces Example

Read: 10.2.3 Verify Interface Configuration

Read: 10.2.4 Configuration Verification Commands

Video: How to Configure A Router Interface IP Address (5:01)
Syntax Checker: 10.2.5 Configure Interfaces

Lab: Configuring Basic Router Settings (Together in class)

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 5-6


On your own - Video: Network Chuck: Top 10 Study Habits (1:31:51)

Read: Fiber-Optic Cables

Read: Types of Fiber Media

Read: Fiber-Optic Connectors

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Fiber Cables and Connectors


Read: Summary

02/02/24 CCNA1 BPA Awards Ceremony Field Trip - Business dress - bring lunch money
02/05/24 CCNA1

Resume Lab 8:00 (2024)


Video: A Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro (9:54)
Activity: Worksheet New Technology

02/06/24 CCNA1

Activity: Go Over/Pass out BPA State Field Trip Packets

Activity: Review Kahoot w/parents - Port Numbers and Devices

Start Module 10, Section 3 - Configure Default Gateway

Video: Jeremy's IT Lab: Routing Fundamentals (31:00)

Lab: Configuring Basic Router Settings

02/07/24 CCNA1

Get BPA Shirt Sizes

Link: Ohio Internship Program

Lab: Configuring Basic Router Settings (Continue)
Go to Step 17 and stop. We will do Step 17 together in class.


Activity: Chapter 5 Terms and Concepts Practice

Activity: Chapter 5 Quiz

Study/Review: Chapter 5 Test

02/08/24 CCNA1

Lab: Configuring Basic Router Settings (Finish)

Video: CBTNuggets: How to Configure IP Addresses on a Cisco Device (9:51)

Read: 10.3.1 Default Gateway on a Host

Read: 10.3.2 Default Gateway on a Switch

Syntax Checker: 10.3.3 Configure the Default Gateway

PT: 10.3.4 Connect a Router to a LAN

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 7-17 (end)


Review Video: Jason Johnson: ITE Chapter 5 Review (28:27)

Chapter 5 Test

02/09/24 CCNA1

Discussion: Test taking advice

Review: Study Guide Question #11

Discussion: State BPA Field trip form

PT: 10.3.5 Troubleshoot Default Gateway Issues (60 minutes+)

Start Module 10, Section 4 - Module Practice and Quiz

Demonstration Video: 10.4.1 Network Device Differences: Part 1 (4:30)

Demonstration Video: 10.4.2 Network Device Differences: Part 2 (10:16)

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 7-17 (end)


Start Chapter 6 - Applied Networking

Read: Introduction

Video Explanation: MAC Addressing (4:55)

Video Explanation: IPv4 Addressing

Video Explanation: IPv6 Addressing

Read: Two Network Addresses

Read: Displaying the Addresses

02/12/24 CCNA1

Do A+ First today

Don't forget to use the post-it notes and write the IPs on the topology diagram.

Lab: 10.4.4 Build a Switch and Router Network (Use the 4221 routers). Give the devices the lab assigned name plus your first name, i.e. R1-Tommy. Copy, edit, and print out config files for both router and switch. Keep the configs to one printed page per device and staple to lab. Show me your pings for sign-off please. FULLY CONFIGURE THE SWITCH JUST LIKE THE ROUTER PLEASE.

Use Telnet and IP Host configs to increase your lab skills and speed.


Read: IPv4 Address Format

Video: Professor Messer: IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing (7:32)

Read: IPv6 Address Formats

Video: Static IP vs Dynamic IP Address (4:53)

Read: Static Addressing

Read: Dynamic Addressing

Read: DNS


Video: Professor Messer: APIPA - CompTIA Network+ (3:34)

02/13/24 CCNA1

Activity: Tear down lab 10.4.4 and remove configurations from devices when done. Be sure to print configs.

Assignment: Study for Modules 8-10 Test tomorrow

Read: 10.4.4 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 10.4.6 Module Quiz - Basic Router Configuration

Reference: CCNA Official Cert Guide: Chapter 15: Operating Cisco Routers

Activity: Online quiz

Resource: Common Ports "Cheat Sheet" - Make sure you have with you to State BPA

Link: LearnKey


Read: 6.1.11 DHCP Operation

Read: VLAN

Read: 6.1.13 Link-local IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses
Video: Rick Graziani: IPv6 Link Local Address (7:16)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Network Addressing

PT: Add Computers to an Existing Network

02/14/24 CCNA1

Review: Modules 8-10

Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 8, Part 1 (10:10)
Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 8, Part 2 (7:44)
Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 9 (6:59)
Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 10 (10:19)

Test: Modules 8-10


Discussion: Test taking strategies worksheet

Discussion: Quote

Video: Psychology Professor's Viral Study Techniques: A+ Students Love It! (9:27)

Read: Network Design

Read: Selecting a NIC

Read: Installing and Updating a NIC

Read: Configure a NIC

Read: ICMP