CCNA1 R&S Module 10

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/10/23 CCNA1

Link: Module 10 Reading Organizer

Reference: CCNA Official Cert Guide: Chapter 15: Operating Cisco Routers

Activity: Subnet Practice

Start Chapter 10 - Basic Router Configuration

Read: 10.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 10.0.2 What will I learn in this module?

Read: 10.1.1 Basic Router Configuration Steps

Read: 10.1.2 Basic Router Configuration Example

Syntax Checker: 10.1.3 Configure Initial Router Settings

PT: 10.1.4 Configure Initial Router Settings

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 1-4


Test: Chapter 4 (9:15)

01/11/23 CCNA1

Start Chapter 10, Section 2 - Configure Router Interfaces

Read: 10.2.1 Configure Router Interfaces

Read: 10.2.2 Configure Router Interfaces Example

Read: 10.2.3 Verify Interface Configuration

Read: 10.2.4 Configuration Verification Commands

Video: How to Configure A Router Interface IP Address (5:01)
Syntax Checker: 10.2.5 Configure Interfaces

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 5-6


Start Chapter 5 - Networking

Read: Introduction

Read: Network Icons

Read: Network Topologies and Description

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Types of Networks

Read: Brief History of Connection Technologies

Read: DSL, Cable, and Fiber

Read: Line of Sight Wireless Internet Service

Read: Satellite

Read: Cellular

Read: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Internet Connection Types

01/12/23 CCNA1

Activity: Subnet Practice

Start Module 10, Section 3 - Configure Default Gateway

Video: CBTNugg #19: Understanding Routing Core (35:03)

Read: 10.3.1 Default Gateway on a Host

Read: 10.3.2 Default Gateway on a Switch

Syntax Checker: 10.3.3 Configure the Default Gateway

PT: 10.3.4 Connect a Router to a LAN

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 7-17 (end)


Video Demonstration: Transport Layer Protocols

Activity: Transport Layer Protocols

Read: The TCP/IP Model
Video: Rick Graziani: Introducing TCP and UDP (11:59)

Read: TCP

Read: UDP

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Transport Layer Protocols

01/13/23 CCNA1

Activity: Subnet Practice

PT: 10.3.5 Troubleshoot Default Gateway Issues (30 minutes +)

Start Module 10, Section 4 - Module Practice and Quiz

Demonstration Video: 10.4.1 Network Device Differences: Part 1

Demonstration Video: 10.4.2 Network Device Differences: Part 2 (10:16)

PT: 10.4.3 Basic Device Configuration


Video Explaination: Application Port Numbers (5:30)

Image: Loading Dock
Read: Classify Application Port Numbers

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Application Port Numbers (Memorize 20 & 21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 67 & 68, 69, 80 & 443; 25, 110 & 143)

Video: Port Numbers Explained | Cisco CCNA 200-301 (7:54)

Link: Wikipedia: List of TCP and UDP Port Numbers

The actual list of port numbers can be found at:

01/17/23 CCNA1

Clean the Cubes!!!

Activity: Subnet Practice

Lab: 10.4.4 Build a Switch and Router Network (Start)

Read: 10.4.4 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 10.4.6 Module Quiz - Basic Router Configuration


Read: WLAN Protocols
Video: Professor Messer: Wireless Network Technologies (10:47)

Read: Bluetooth, NFC, and RFID
Video: Professor Messer: NFC (3:02)
Video: Techquickie: RFID as Fast As Possible (5:52)
Video: Techquickie: Bluetooth as Fast as Possible (5:24)

Read: Zigbee and Z-Wave
Video: Z-Wave vs. Zigbee vs. Wi-Fi! (15:33)

Read: Cellular Generations
Video: Professor Messer: Cellular Network Standards (3:38)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Wireless Protocols

01/18/23 CCNA1

Activity: Subnet Practice

Lab: 10.4.4 Build a Switch and Router Network (Finish)

Review: Modules 8-10

Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 8, Part 1 (10:10)
Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 8, Part 2 (7:44)
Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 9 (6:59)
Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 10 (10:19)


Video Explanation: Network Services

Read: Client - Server Roles

Read: DHCP Server

Read: DNS Server

Read: Print Server

Read: File Server

Read: Web Server

Read: Mail Server (Exchange Server)

Read: Proxy Server

Read: Authentication Server

Read: Syslog Server

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Network Services

01/19/23 CCNA1

Activity: Subnet Practice

Reference: CCNA Official Cert Guide: Chapter 15: Operating Cisco Routers

Resource: Common Ports "Cheat Sheet"

Test: Modules 8-10 (8:30-8:45 Start)


Video Explanation: Basic Network Devices

Read: Network Interface Card (NIC)
Video: How NIC works (1:29)

Read: Repeaters, Bridges, and Hubs
Video:Professor Messer: Network Devices (17:29)

Read: Switches
Video: Different types of Network Switches (4:45)

Read: Wireless Access Points
Video: The Three Flavors of Wireless Access Points (7:07)

Read: Routers
Video: Understanding Routing! (6:58)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Basic Network Devices

01/23/23 CCNA1

Start Module 11 - IPv4 Addressing