CCNA1 ITN Module 15 - Application Layer

Date Subject Lesson Plan
05/03/24 CCNA1 Networking:


Link: Module 15 Reading Organizer

Read: 15.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 15.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 15, Section 1 - Application, Presentation, and Session

Read: 15.1.1 Application Layer

Read: 15.1.2 Presentation and Session Layer

Read: 15.1.3 TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols

Activity: 15.1.4 Check Your Understanding - Application, Session, Presentation

Assignment: Module 15 Study Guide 1-8

Activity: KaHoot! Port Numbers


Video: How a Color Laser Printer Works (2:18)

Read: Thermal Printer Characteristics
Video: Professor Messer: Understanding Thermal Printers (2:22)

Read: Impact Printer Characteristics
Video: Professor Messer: Understanding Impact Printer (2:22)
Video: Impact Printer in Operation (1:48)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Thermal Printers and Impact Printers

Read: Virtual Printer Characteristics
Video: Professor Messer: Understanding Virtual Printers (4:24)

Read: 3D Printer Charateristics
Video: How Does 3D Printing Work? (7:36)

Activity: 3D Printer Parts

Activity: Check Your Understanding - 3D Printers

Read: Cloud Printing
Video: Google Cloud Print Overview (2:36)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Virtual Printers

05/06/24 CCNA1

2 Reps to Conf A at 8:30 to vote on handbook cover.

Video: Client Server and Peer-to-Peer Networks (3:42)

Start Module 15, Section 2 - Peer-to-Peer

Read: 15.2.1 Client-Server Model

Read: 15.2.2 Peer-to-Peer Networks

Read: 15.2.3 Peer-to-Peer Applications

Read: 15.2.4 Common P2P Applications

Lab: Researching Peer-to-Peer File Sharing (30 minutes)

Activity: 15.2.5 Check Your Understanding - Peer-to-Peer

Assignment: Module 15 Study Guide 9-14

Additional: Video: Montana State University: Unstructured P2P Systems (27:45)


Read: Installing a Printer
Video: Changing Print Settings in Windows 10 (1:33)

Read: Test Printer Functions

Lab: Install a Printer (Don't Do - Just Read)
Video: Installing and Configuring Printers (8:30)

Read: Common Configuration Settings

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Configuration Options

Read: Software Optimization

Read: Hardware Optimization

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Printer Optimization

05/07/24 CCNA1 Networking:

Video: Network Engineer: Day In The Life (7:11)

Start Module 15, Section 3 - Web and Email Protocols

Video: YouTube: "What is a Web Browser"

Link: List of Web Server software
Link: List of Web Browser software

Read: 15.3.1 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Read: 15.3.2 HTTP and HTTPS
Video: What's the Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS? (2:32)

Read: 15.3.3 Email Protocols
Assignment: Video: YouTube: "How Email Works" (1:17)

Read: 15.3.4 SMTP, POP, and IMAP1

EMail Servers: Microsoft Exchange, Thunderbird, List of Email Server Software
Email Clients: Outlook, Alpine, GroupWise, List of Email Client Software
Email Communication Protocols: Send: SMTP, Receive: POP3 and/or IMAP

Activity: 15.3.5 Check Your Understanding - Web and Email Protocols

Lab Objective:
1. Configure and verify web services
2. Configure and verify email services on email servers

PT: Web and Email

Assignment: Module 15 Study Guide 15-20


Read: Configuring Printer Sharing
Video: How To Share A Printer On Network (1:59)

Read: Wireless Printer Connections

Lab: Share a Printer in Windows (Don't do, just read)
Video: How to Share a Printer in Windows 10 on Local Network (11:14)

Read: Purposes of Print Servers
Video: What is a print server? (2:02)

Read: Software Print Servers

Read: Hardware Print Servers

Read: Dedicated Print Servers

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Print Servers

05/08/24 CCNA1

Video: YouTube: "DNS Explained" (6:03)

Start Module 15, Section 4 - IP Addressing Services
Video: Professor Messer: An Overview of DNS (6:30)

Read: 15.4.1 DNS Message Format

Read: 15.4.2 DNS Message Format
Video: Professor Messer DNS Record Types (7:42)

Read: 15.4.3 DNS Hierarchy

Read: 15.4.4 The nslookup Command
Video: Professor Messer: DNS Management with Nslookup and Dig (4:44)

Syntax Checker: 15.4.5 The nslookup Command
Video: DNS root servers (23:27)

Assignment: Module 15 Study Guide 21-25

  A+ - Computer Hardware

05/09/24 CCNA1

Remember! The CompTIA A+ 220-1101 will be your final exam score. Don't sleep on this!! Take final exam by May 26th. Take final at home or at a test center.

CompTIA Suggested Career Pathways

CompTIA A+ 220-1001 to 220-1101 bridge chart

Read: 15.4.6 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Read: 15.4.7 DHCP Operation
Video: YouTube "D-O-R-A the Explorer and DHCP" (4:40)

Lab: 15.4.8 Observe DNS Resolution (20 minutes)

Activity: 15.4.9 Check Your Understanding - IP Addressing Services

Assignment: Module 15 Study Guide 26-33


Read: Vendor Guidelines

Activity: What Do You Already Know? Printer Operating Environment

Video Demonstration: Inkjet Printer Preventive Maintenance (5:28)

Lab: Perform Preventive Maintenance on an Inkjet Printer
Use this printer: Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless All-In-One Color Supertank Printer
Video: Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Setup & Review (10:10)
Link: User Manual - Epson ET-2720

Video Demonstration: Laser Printer Preventive Maintenance (9:40)
Video: Professor Messer: Laser Printer Maintenance (4:37)

Lab: Perform Preventive Maintenance on a Laser Printer (use the following links for lab)
Link: HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn User Manual
Link: How to Clean a Laserjet Printer

Read: Preventive Maintenance on a Thermal Printer

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Thermal Printer Preventative Maintenance

Read: Preventive Maintenance of an Impact Printer

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Impact Printer Preventive Maintenance

Video: Video Demonstration - 3D Printer Preventive Maintenance (8:45)

Video: Video Demonstration - 3D Printer Printing a Component

Read: The Six Steps of the Troubleshooting Process

Read: - (Troubleshooting Steps)

Read: Identify Printer Problems and Solutions

Read: Common Problems and Solutions for Printers

Read: Advanced Problems and Solutions for Printers

Read: Review

05/10/24 CCNA1

Review Lab:

PT: DHCP and DNS Servers
PT: packet tracer file.pkt

Start Module 15, Section 5 - File Sharing Services

Read: 15.5.1 File Transfer Protocol
Video: FTP (7:54)

Read: 15.5.2 Server Message Block
Video: Intro to File Sharing using SMB (4:52)

Activity: 15.5.3 Check Your Understanding - File Sharing Services

Lab: Exploring FTP (do as a class - explore different FTP methods)
Part 1: Goto ftp site, ls the directories, cd to pub, pwd, ls pub,
Part 2: You must use Internet Explorer (use search in task bar)
Part 3: You must use Internet Explorer. Use this FTP software instead of WS_FTP - Filezilla Client
You'll need to figure out steps. Show me the READ ME file in Notepad.

Start Module 15, Section 6 - Module Practice and Quiz

Read: 15.6.1 What did I learn in this module?

Read: 15.6.2 Module Quiz - Application Layer

Assignment: Module 15 Study Guide 34-39 (end)


Link: Color Codes

Review: Chapter 8 Printers
Video: JasonJohnson: ITEv7 Chapter 8 Review (10:08) - 9:20

Activity: Chapter 8 Terms and Concepts Practice

Activity: Chapter 8 Quiz

Study/Review: Chapter 8 Test

Test: Chapter 8 - Printers (9:30)

05/13/24 CCNA1

PT: FTP Servers
PT: Packet Tracer File: .pka File (30 min)

Class Activity:
Use FileZilla Client
Anonymous (email address)
Show me the README file

Review: Video: How DNS Works Visually (10:45) - Detailed explaination


Pay Attention to Everything Cloud!!

Start Chapter 9 - Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Video: Professor Messer: Cloud Models (8:59)

Read: Welcome
Video: Cloud Computing Fundamentals (5:00)

Video Explaination : What is the Cloud? (3:39)

Read: Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Read: Traditional Server Deployment

Read: Server Virtualization
Video: What is Server and Desktop Virtualization (3:43)

Read: Advantages of Server Virtualization
Video: IBM Technology: Virtualization Explained (5:20)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Match the Advantages of Virtualization

05/14/24 CCNA1

Discussion: Resume Template Worksheet (2023)

Video: Top 5 Network Engineer Skills That Will Make You 100k (11:47)

Module 15 Pre-Test Review Video: Jason Johnson: CCNAv7 ITN Module 15 (16:42)

Module 14-15 Module Test (45 min)

Video: Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes (2:25)
Good example of a global peer-to-peer network

Video: What is DeFi? (11:29)

Start Module 16