CCNA1 ITN Chapter 17 - Build a Small Network

Date Subject Lesson Plan
05/11/23 CCNA1

This last module will give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in this class. Networking is a hands-on skill that must be mastered through practice. Although not for everyone, networking can be an excellent career choice for those with the knowledge and skills to resolve problems and keep networks operating optimally.

Link: Module 17 Reading Organizer

Start Module 17 - Build a Small Network

Read: 17.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 17.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 17, Section 1 - Devices in a Small Network

Read: 17.1.1 Small Network Topologies

Read: 17.1.2 Device Selection for a Small Network

Read: 17.1.3 IP Addressing for a Small Network

Read: 17.1.4 Redundancy in a Small Network

Read: 17.1.5 Traffic Management

Activity: 17.1.6 Check Your Understanding - Devices in a Small Network

Assignment: Module 17 Study Guide 1-10

  A+ Hardware

Test practice Udemy (start practice test #1)

05/12/23 CCNA1

Start Module 17, Section 2 - Small Network Applications and Protocols

Read: 17.2.1 Common Applications

Read: 17.2.2 Common Protocols

Read: 17.2.3 Voice and Video Applications
Link: Cisco Business Edition 4000 Series

Activity: 17.2.4 Check Your Understanding - Small Network Applications and Protocols

Start Module 17, Section 3 - Scale to Larger Networks

Read: 17.3.1 Small Network Growth

Read: 17.3.2 Protocol Analysis

Read: 17.3.3 Employee Network Utilization

Activity: 17.3.4 Check Your Understanding - Scale to Larger Networks

Assignment: Module 17 Study Guide 11-21

  A+ Hardware

Test practice Udemy (finish practice test #1)

05/15/23 CCNA1

Nordonia Students Absent (2023)

Video: Network Chuck: If I Had To Start Over, Which IT Path Would I Take? (1:10:52)

  A+ Hardware

Use yesterday's practice test to study the objectives you missed. Link: LearnKey

Review Chapters 1-4


Note: Pay attention to the test tips!!

05/16/23 CCNA1

Warning!! Certification testing candidate under 18 years old: During check-in, parent/guardian must present their own ID and give consent for candidate to be recorded. Candidate must also present government issued ID if they have one, or student ID if they do not have one.

Start Module 17, Section 4 - Verify Connectivity

Read: 17.4.1 Verify Connectivity with Ping

Read: 17.4.2 Extended Ping

Read: 17.4.3 Verify Connectivity with Traceroute

Read: 17.4.4 Extended Traceroute

Read: 17.4.5 Network Baseline

Lab: 17.4.6 Test Network Latency with Ping and Traceroute (30 min)

Assignment: Module 17 Study Guide 22-30

  A+ Hardware

Activity: Finish Practice Test #1

Review Chapters 1-4


Username: FLast
Password: 123456 (unless you changed it)

Domain 3: Hardware (start)

  • Cable Types, Features, and Purposes (11:58)
    • Workbook Domain 3: Lesson 1
  • Common Connector Types (3:37)
    • Workbook Domain 3: Lesson 2
  • RAM Types (4:43)
    • Workbook Domain 3: Lesson 3
05/17/23 CCNA1

Start Module 17, Setion 5 - Host and IOS Commands

Read: 17.5.1 IP Configuration on a Windows Host

Read: 17.5.2 IP Configuration on a Linux Host
Activity goal: Open Ubuntu VM and change the static IP address (30 minutes)
Follow along: Video: How to setup a Static IP Address in Linux using Netplan (10:40)

Read: 17.5.3 IP Configuration on a macOS Host
Video: NetSmarts How-To: Set a Static IP Address on Mac OS X (2:16)

Read: 17.5.4 The arp Command

PT: Examine the ARP Table the .pka file is in the CNA drive, CCNA1 - Module 17

Read: 17.5.5 Common show Commands Revisited

Read: 17.5.6 The show cdp neighbors Command

Assignment: Module 17 Study Guide 31-49

  A+ Hardware

Domain 3: Hardware (finish)

  • Install and Configure Storage Devices (12:43)
  • Internal PC Parts (21:28)
  • Peripheral Types (13:30)
  • Power Supply Types and Features
  • PC Configurations
  • Install and Configure Common Devices (6:40)
  • Configure Printers and Settings
05/18/23 CCNA1

Read: 17.5.7 The show ip interface brief Command

Video: 17.5.8 The show version Command (5:36)

PT: 17.5.9 Interpret show Command Output (45 minutes)

Please don't look up for answers online. These activities were prepared to help you grasp and understand the technology. If you choose to take shortcuts you really need to rethink this career choice. If you don't love technology and want to learn it, it's perhaps time to step away.

  A+ Hardware

Certification Checkpoint Exam #1 Chapters 1-4 (9:15 for 45 min)


Domain 5: Hardware Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Methods
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Problems
  • Troubleshoot Hard Drives and RAID
  • Troubleshoot Video and Display Issues
05/19/23 CCNA1

Start Module 17, Section 6 - Troubleshooting Methodologies
Video: Network Troubleshooting Methodology (10:26)

Read: 17.6.1 Basic Troubleshooting Approaches

Read: 17.6.2 Resolve or Escalate?
Video: What does IT Support do? | Different escalation levels (13:15)

Read: 17.6.3 The debug Command
Video: Debugging in CCNA (13:04)

Read: 17.6.4 The terminal monitor Command
Video: Using the Terminal Monitor Feature (2:21)

Activity: 17.6.5 Check Your Understanding - Troubleshooting Methodologies

Assignment: Module 17 Study Guide 50-56

  A+ Hardware

Video: Professor Messer: How to Pass your 220-1101 and 220-1102 CompTIA A+ Exams (11:24)

Link: Professor Messer 220-1101 Videos

Chapters 5-6 Practice A+ Certification Exam - 45 minutes (score/10 - 10 points max)

Use this practice test feedback to find those areas where you will need to put in more study to learn.

05/22/23 CCNA1

Start Module 17, Section 7 - Troubleshooting Scenarios

Read: 17.7.1 Duplex Operation and Mismatch Issues
Video: Rick Graziani: Ethernet: Negotiating Speed and Duplex (8:10)

Read: 17.7.2 IP Addressing Issues on IOS Devices

Read: 17.7.3 IP Addressing Issues on End Devices
Video: Professor Messer: Troubleshooting Subnet Masks and Gateways (4:29)

Read: 17.7.4 Default Gateway Issues
Video: danscourses: When do you need a default gateway? (4:24)

Read: 17.7.5 Troubleshooting DNS Issues
Video: Professor Messer: Troubleshooting DNS (4:05)

PT: 17.7.6 Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues (45 minutes)

Assignment: Module 17 Study Guide 57-70 (finish)

  A+ Hardware

Link: 220-1101 Objectives, SLP


Domain 2: Networking, Lesson 1

  • Ports, Protocols, and Their Purposes (7:56)
  • Networking Hardware Devices (5:06)
  • SOHO Networks (11:58)
  • Wireless Networking Protocols (4:55)
05/23/23 CCNA1

Video: Professor Messer: Common Network Ports (9:53)

PT: 17.7.6 Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues (45 minutes)

  A+ Hardware

Review Video: Motherboard Form Factor (6:51)
Review Video: RAID (7:19)

Test Practice Certification Checkpoint Exam #3 (Chapters 7-8) 45 min.

05/24/23 CCNA1

Junior picnic basketball sign-up.

Work-based learning at 10:00.

Lab: 17.7.7 Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues - (60 min) BE SURE TO USE STATIC ROUTING. Use your notes.

  A+ Hardware

Video: What are Sticky Keys? (1:31)

Domain 2: Networking

  • Server Types (10:15)
  • IP Addressing (6:50)
  • Internet Connection Types (6:15)
  • Networking Tools (2:45)
05/25/23 CCNA1

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Video: Buying a CompTIA Voucher & Scheduling a Pearson Vue Exam (20:49)

If you don't pass the exam the first attempt, you can purchase a voucher from me before June 2nd, 2023. Bring in a credit card to purchase. Cost of the voucher this year is $112.00. The vouchers expire in 12 months.

Video: CompTIA Testing From Home (4:20) - Networking - Jayden and Raleigh

Start Module 17, Section 8 - Module Practice and Quiz

Optional Video: Visio Tutorial (1:42:00)

Video: Creating Network and Rack Diagrams with Microsoft Visio 2013 (13:47)

Lab: 17.8.1 Design and Build a Small Business Network

  • First do the network design to specs, show IP address scheme in Visio and print. Use address to subnet. (20 pts.)
  • Second, create prototype network in Packet Tracer. Ping, label device host names and subnets, and print. (20 pts.)
  • Third, configure and test in physical equipment, and print out config files. Show me your pings. (20 pts.)
  A+ Hardware

Domain 2: Networking

  • Domain 2 Labs
  • Domain 2 Post-Assessment
05/26/23 CCNA1

BPA Party at 8:00 to celebrate year.

Lab: 17.8.1 Design and Build a Small Business Network (Finish)

Lab: PT Skills Assessment on your own. Activated through 5/30/23.

  A+ Hardware

Review Chapters 7-8

Domain 1: Mobile Devices

  • Laptop Hardware and Components (8:15)
  • Install Laptop Display Components (2:05)
  • Laptop Features (5:30)
05/30/23 CCNA1

Video: ESports Careers (3:18)

PT: Skills Integration Challenge

  A+ Hardware

Domain 4: Virtualization and Cloud Comuting (Day 1 of 1)

05/31/23 CCNA1

PT: Troubleshooting Challenge

  A+ Hardware

Domain 1: Mobile Devices

Project Workbook Domain 1: Mobile Devices

06/01/23 CCNA1

Return any borrowed equipment or books!!

Activity: Get binders ready for grading please

Read: 17.8.4 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 17.8.5 Module Quiz - Build a Small Network

Video: Jason Johnson: ITN Chapter 16 (26:47)
Video: Jason Johnson: ITN Chapter 17 (32:06)

Test: Module 16-17

Start CCNA1 Final Exam Prep

  A+ Hardware

Domain 1: Mobile Devices

Project Workbook Domain 1: Mobile Devices