CCNA1 ITN Final Exam Prep

Date Subject Lesson Plan
05/18/22 CCNA1

PT: Practice PT Skills Assessment (10 points) #1 (Note your time taken to finish)

Learn from this lab what you need to go back to re-learn or review.


Domain 3: Hardware

Project Workbook Domain 3: Hardware (Day 1 of 5)

05/19/22 CCNA1

None today


8:00 - A+ 220-1001 Certification Practice Exam (10 points)
** To realistically pass the A+ exam, you should be getting about an 80% on these practice exams.
** The more you study, the better your score. There are no shortcuts, only dedication and hard work.

Project Workbook Domain 3: Hardware (Day 2 of 5)

05/20/22 CCNA1 Practice Final Exam 8:00 (10 points)

Video: Certification Test Question Practice (On your own)

Project Workbook Domain 3: Hardware (Day 3 of 5)

05/23/22 CCNA1

Lab: ITN Final Skills Exam

Note: **Hands-on & Final Written Exam / 200 pts. = CCNA1 Final Exam Grade


Video: How to Pass CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (5:13)

Project Workbook Domain 3: Hardware (Day 4 of 5)

05/24/22 CCNA1

Activity: Course Feedback


8:00 - Practice Final Exam Chapters 1-9 (10 points)

Video: CompTIA A+ Core 220-1001 Practice Test (On your own)

Project Workbook Domain 3: Hardware (Day 5 of 5)

05/25/22 CCNA1

Study: Final Exam

  A+ (8:30) Final Exam Chapters 1-9
05/26/22 CCNA1v7

Discussion: Want to be a millionair? Roth IRA for teens

Study: CCNA1 Final Exam


Certification Test Question Practice
Video: CompTIA a+ 220 - 1001 Practice Exam - Core 1 / Practice Test Number 2 (On your own)

05/27/22 CCNA1v7 Study: CCNA1 Final Exam
  A+ Hardware None today
05/31/22 CCNA1v7

CCNA1v7 Final Practical Lab: (Assign 1 of 3)

No phones allowed in the testing area!! You may have your spiral bound notebook only.

Lab: Hands-On Skills Exam (120 minutes)

Today - Skills Assessment: Hands-on Skills Based Assessment
Note: As soon as you're done with lab part, show me.

Part 1: Develop the IPv4 Address Scheme (25 minutes)
Part 2: Initialize and Reload Devices (20 minutes)
Part 3: Configure Device IPv4 Addresses and Security Settings (35 minutes
Part 4: Test and Verify IPv4 and IPv6 End-to-End Connectivity (20 minutes)
Part 5: Use the IOS CLI to Gather Device Information (10 minutes)


Make sure I have checked off all sections. Once done, reinitialize devices and put physical equipment away.

  A+ Hardware None today
06/01/22 CCNA1v7 CCNA1 Written Final Exam (8:30) No phones, Internet, or notes please. If you need a calculator, ask me.
  A+ Hardware None today
06/01/22 CCNA1v7

Make sure to review these items: CCNA1 Final Pretest Review

  A+ Hardware None today
06/02/22 CCNA1v7

  A+ Hardware None today
06/03/22 CCNA1v7


  A+ Hardware None today
06/06/22 CCNA1v7

End-of-Semester Pre-Employability Assessment

CCNA1 Written Final Exam (Makeup)

Binder Grading (50 points)

  A+ Hardware None today
06/07/22 CCNA1v7

Binder Grading (50 points)

Make-up day

  A+ Hardware None today