CCNA2 SRWE Module 0 - Course Intro

Date Subject Lesson Plan
08/23/23 CCNA2

Introduction to CCNA2 course and housekeeping:

Congratulations on making it to your senior year!!

Discussion: CVCC Computer Networking Academy II

Video: Introduction to CCNA2

a. Can choose own seat until there is a problem

b. This is an IT class that focuses on Networking - but advocate exploration into other areas.

c. Assignment: Email me ( What did you do interesting this summer? Any certifications? Certification attempts?

d. You can take the CCNA exam at any time. Recommend at around the end of the year.

e. Senior Folder - Put your completed work in folder before leaving class.
                            Put homework in folder when arriving to class
                            DO NOT go into anyone else's folder

f. Student Folders - Get your papers back
   1. School forms - return by Friday for 25 extra credit points.
   2. School Handbooks - put name in book/sharpie on cover.  Need your handbook to go to office & counselor - use it! Don't lose it!.

g. BPA - Get ready!! Think about competing this year with GUSTO!! We'll be signing up for contests very soon!

h. If you are not busy learning, you are wasting your time. Set goals, get organized, then stay on task! Do not let your phone become a distraction!!

i. The year will go by very fast.

j. Learning Goals Worksheet

k. Discussion: Engineering Journals - Start new journals. Make covers.

l. Agreement form

m. Think about the Employability Assessments - they will be used if I'm ever called on to provide information about you.

n. Control your cell phone use. Do not let your phone become an obstacle to your learning or my teaching. I'll intervene if you need help.

o. Take this course seriously! Some of you took the course too lightly last year and didn't learn what you should've learned! Not paying attention, not reading, not studying - don't let this opportunity escape you!

p. Seniors will be configuring and installing updated lab areas.

q. Install current version of Packet Tracer.

Introduction to Year 2 - Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials (SRWE) course.

This is a course for students thinking that maybe technology is a viable career option after all. By this point you should've made up your mind. You know what's involved in the academy. You will be left to do a lot more of the work independently. You should have the basic tools learned from last year to get the job done this year. Feel free to use academy/binder/notes from last year as much as you need to.

Assignment: Read Module "First Time in This Course"