CCNA2 R&S Chapter 11 - NAT

Date Subject Lesson Plan
02/14/20 CCNA2 Class Feedback

Video: YouTube: TedED: The Happy Secret to Better Work (12:20)
Chapter 9 Tour
Discussion: (q. 1-2)
Activity: Conceptual NAT
Discussion: IPv4 Private Address Space (q. 3-6)
Discussion: What is NAT? (q. 7-11)
Discussion: NAT Terminology (q. 12-13)
Discussion: NAT Terminology (Cont.) (q. 14)
Discussion: How NAT Works (q. 15)
Activity: IM (q. 16)
Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 1-16
  Testout Server 2.3 Server Upgrade and Migration (2020)
02/18/20 CCNA2

Video: YouTube: TedED: Brain Magic (19:49)
Discussion: Static NAT (q. 17-18)
Discussion: Dynamic NAT (q. 19)
Discussion: Port Address Translation (PAT) (q. 20-22)
Discussion: Next Available Port (q. 23)
Discussion: Comparing NAT and PAT (telephone company example) (q. 24)

Video: CBTNugg100-101: 32-Routing-NAT Concepts (27:41)

PT: Investigating NAT Operations
Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 17-24

  Testout Server

Test: Chapter 2

3.1 PowerShell (2020)

02/19/20 CCNA2

Discussion: Advantages of NAT (q. 25)
Discussion: Disadvantages of NAT (q. 26)
Discussion: Configure Static NAT (q. 27-28)
Syntax Checker: (4)
Discussion: Analyzing Static NAT (q. 29)
Discussion: Verifying Static NAT (q. 30-32)

PT: Configuring Static NAT
Assignment: Study Guide 25-32 (turn in)

  Testout Server 3.2 Server Roles (2020)
02/20/20 CCNA2

Discussion: Dynamic NAT Operation (q. 33-35)
Discussion: Configuring Dynamic NAT (q. 36)
Syntax Checker: (4)
Discussion: Analyzing Dynamic NAT (q. 37)
Discussion: Verifying Dynamic NAT (q. 38)

Video: CBTNugg100-101: 33-Routing-NAT Configuration (41:51)

PT: Configuring Dynamic NAT
Assignment: Chapter 9 Study Guide 33-38 (turn in today)

  Testout Server

3.3 Server Core Deployment (2020)

02/21/20 CCNA2 Lab: Configuring Dynamic and Static NAT
  Testout Server 3.5 Image Servicing (2020)
02/24/20 CCNA2 Computer Software

Syntax Checker: (3)
Syntax Checker: (3)
Activity: IM (1-5)
PT: Implementing Static and Dynamic NAT
Lab: Configuring Port Address Translation (PAT)
Assignment: Study Guide 39-45

  Testout Server 3.6 Nano Server Deployment (2020)
02/25/20 CCNA2 Discussion: Port Forwarding
Discussion: Wireless Router Example
Discussion: Configuring Port Forwarding with IOS
PT: Configuring Port Forwarding on a Wireless Router
Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 46-52
  Testout Server

Test: Chapter 3

4.1 IPv4 Addressing (2020)

02/26/20 CCNA2

Video: YouTube: TedED: Looks Aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm A Model (9:37)
PT: Verifying and Troubleshooting NAT Configurations
Lab: Troubleshooting NAT Configurations
Assignment: Chapter 7 Study Guide 53-56 (finish)

  Testout Server

4.2 IPv6 Addressing (2020)

02/27/20 CCNA2 Activity: NAT Check
PT: Skills Integration Challenge
  Testout Server

4.3 Windows Firewall (2020)

02/28/20 CCNA2 Discussion: Summary
Review: Chapt 9 PowerPoint
Activity: IM Quiz
  Testout Server

4.4 Advanced Networking (2020)

03/02/20 CCNA2

Interns: Turn in time sheets Networking

Test: Chapter 9 (12:00)
Video: CBTNugg100-101: 37: Studying for Cisco Exams (7:57)
Assignment: PT Introduction to Networking Skills Assessment

  Testout Server

Test: Chapter 4

5.1 Traditional Storage (2020)

  Resources Review: