CCNA2 SRWE Module 7 - DHCPv4

Date Subject Lesson Plan
10/13/22 CCNA2

CCNA2v7 Module 7 Reading Organizer

Reference: Cisco Certification Guide, Volume 2, Chapter 7, pgs. 122-142

Start Module 7 - DHCPv4

Read: 7.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 7.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 7, Section 1 - DHCPv4 Concepts

Video: Professor Messer: DHCP Overview (8:36)

Read: 7.1.1 DHCPv4 Server and Client

Read: 7.1.2 DHCPv4 Operation

Read: 7.1.3 Steps to Obtain a Lease

Read: 7.1.4 Steps to Renew a Lease

Activity: 7.1.5 Check Your Understanding - DHCPv4 Concepts

Assignment: Module 7 Study Guide 1-7


Read: Configuring Wired Network Interfaces in Windows 10

Read: Configuring a Wired NIC

Read: Setting a Network Profile

Read: Verify Connectivity with the Windows GUI

Read: ipconfig Command

Read: Network CLI Commands

Embedded Video: Network Testing and Verification with CLI Commands

Read: Wireless Settings

10/17/22 CCNA2

Video: NFT's Explained (3:33)
Video: IPFS: Interplanetary File Storage (9:14)

Start Module 7, Section 2 - Configure a Cisco IOS DHCPv4 Server

Video: Professor Messer: Configuring DHCP (7:39)

Read: 7.2.1 Cisco IOS DHCPv4 Server

Read: 7.2.2 Steps to Configure a Cisco IOS DHCPv4 Server

Read: 7.2.3 Configuration Example

Read: 7.2.4 DHCPv4 Verification Commands

Read: 7.2.5 Verify DHCPv4 is Operational

Activity: 7.2.6 Syntax Checker - Configure DHCPv4

Read: 7.2.7 Disable the Cisco IOS DHCPv4 Server

Read: 7.2.8 DHCPv4 Relay

Read: 7.2.9 Other Service Broadcasts Relayed

PT: 7.2.10 Configure DHCPv4

Assignment: Module 7 Study Guide 8-17


Lab: Connect and Test the Wireless Connection
Link: Default user/password list example

Lab Configuration Data:

Don't use the WI-Fi protected mode - Use MANUAL mode

Router IP Address:
DHCP Server Starting IP Address:
Maximum number of users: 25
Router Admin Username: cisco Password: class
Your Assigned SSID: The student's name
Wireless Security Option and Passphrase: WPA2Personal and use passphrase: ILoveCisco

Read: VPN Access in Windows

Read: Telnet and SSH
Video: Professor Messer: Kerberos (9:54)
Video: Asymmetric Encryption - Simply Explained (4:40)

PT: Use Telnet and SSH

10/18/22 CCNA2 Field Trip (2022) IT Summit
10/19/22 CCNA2

RITEBoard Student Survey

Start Module 7, Section 3 - Configure a DHCPv4 Client

Read: 7.3.1 Cisco Router as a DHCPv4 Client
Reference: Cisco Official Cert Guide pg. 143-144

Read: 7.3.2 Configuration Example

Read: 7.3.3 Home Router as a DHCPv4 Client

Activity: 7.3.4 Syntax Checker - Configure a Cisco Router as DHCP Client

Start Module 7, Section 4 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 7.4.1 Implement DHCPv4

Lab: 7.4.2 Implement DHCPv4

Read: 7.4.3 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 7.4.4 Module Quiz - DHCPv4

Study for Module 7 Test

Assignment: Module 7 Study Guide 18-21 (finish)


Embedded Video: Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance

Lab: Windows Remote Desktop and Assistance

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Remote Desktop and Assistance

10/20/22 CCNA2

Review Video: Jason Johnson: DHCP Module 7 (12:22)

12:00 Test: Module 7

Resume Lab 1:00 2022

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Start Module 8