CCNA2 SRWE Module 8 - SLAAC and DHCPv6

Date Subject Lesson Plan
10/23/23 CCNA2

Prepare for Capture the flag event. Watch this video: Capture the Flag Orientation 2023

Link: Online tools for CTF event.

CCNA2v7 Module 8 Reading Organizer

Who is attending Tri-C? IT Department

Start Module 8 - SLAAC and DHCPv6

Read: 8.0.1 Welcome

Read: 8.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 8, Section 1 - IPv6 GUA Assignment (Global Unicast Address)

Video: Keith Barker: IPv6 SLAAC and DNS Overview (27:33)

Read: 8.1.1 IPv6 Host Configuration

Read: 8.1.2 IPv6 Host Link-Local Address

Read: 8.1.3 IPv6 GUA Assignment

Read: 8.1.4 Three RA Message Flags

Activity: 8.1.5 Check Your Understanding - IPv6 GUA Assignment

Assignment: Module 8 Study Guide 1-9


Lab: Connect and Test the Wireless Connection (Finish)

Read: VPN Access in Windows

Read: Telnet and SSH
Video: Professor Messer: Kerberos (9:54)
Video: Asymmetric Encryption - Simply Explained (4:40)

PT: Use Telnet and SSH (Don't do)

Embedded Video: Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance

Lab: Windows Remote Desktop and Assistance (45 min)

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Remote Desktop and Assistance

Start Chapter 11, Section 6 - Preventive Maintenance Plan Contents

Lab: Manage the Startup Folder (30 min)

Read: Windows Updates

Video Demonstration: Scheduling Tasks

Lab: Schedule a Task using the GUI and the Command Line (30 min)

Read: Restore Points

Read: Hard Drive Backup

Video Demonstration: Back up and Restore

Lab: System Restore and Hard Drive Backup
You may not be able to create/find a second partition

10/24/23 CCNA2

Assignment: Turn in Code of Conduct Form

Capture the Flag (2023)

  A+ Catch-up
10/25/23 CCNA1

Halloween Costume Contest Instructions (2023)

SLAAC: Stateless Address Auto-configuration

Start Module 8, Section 2 - SLAAC

Read: 8.2.1 SLAAC Overview

Read: 8.2.2 Enabling SLAAC

Read: 8.2.3 SLAAC Only Method
Video: Rick Graziani: Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) (4:48)

Read: 8.2.4 ICMPv6 RS Messages

Read: 8.2.5 Host Process to Generate Interface ID

Read: 8.2.6 Duplicate Address Detection

Activity: 8.2.7 Check Your Understanding - SLAAC

Assignment: Module 8 Study Guide 10-22


Read: The Six Steps of the Troubleshooting Process

Read: Identify the Problem

Read: Establish a Theory of Probable Cause

Read: Test the Theory to Determine the Cause

Read: Establish a Plan of Action to Resolve the Problem and Implement the Solution

Read: Verify Full System Functionality and Implement Preventative Measures

Read: Document Findings, Actions, and Outcomes

Read: Common Problems and Solutions for Windows Operating Systems

Read: Advanced Problems and Solutions for Windows Operating Systems

Lab: Troubleshoot Operating System Problems - READ ONLY!

Study for Chapter 11 Test

10/26/23 CCNA2

1:30 Early Placement Meeting

Start Module 8, Section 3 - DHCPv6

Read: 8.3.1 DHCPv6 Operations

Read: 8.3.2 Stateless DHCPv6 Operation
Video: Rick Graziani: SLAAC and Stateless DHCPv6 (2:36)

Read: 8.3.3 Enable Stateless DHCPv6 on an Interface

Read: 8.3.4 Stateful DHCPv6 Operation
Video: Rick Graziani: Stateful DHCPv6 (15:41)

Read: 8.3.5 Enable Stateful DHCPv6 on an Interface

Activity: 8.3.6 Check Your Understanding - DHCPv6

Assignment: Module 8 Study Guide 23-29


Review: Chapter 11 PowerPoint

Review Video: Jason Johnson: ITEv7 Module 11 (43:02)

Review: Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Test (1:00)

10/27/23 CCNA2

Activity: Halloween Costume Contest

Start Module 8, Section 4 - Configure DHCPv6 Router Roles

Read: 8.4.1 DHCPv6 Router Roles

Read: 8.4.2 Configure a Stateless DHCPv6 Server

Read: 8.4.3 Configure a Stateless DHCPv6 Client

Read: 8.4.4 Configure a Stateful DHCPv6 Server

Read: 8.4.5 Configure a Stateful DHCPv6 Client

Read: 8.4.6 DHCPv6 Server Verification Commands

Read: 8.4.7 Configure a DHCPv6 Relay Agent

Read: 8.4.8 Verify the DHCPv6 Relay Agent

Activity: 8.4.9 Check Your Understanding - Configure DHCPv6 Server

Assignment: Module 8 Study Guide 30-37 (finish)


Start Chapter 12 - Mobile, Linux, and OSX Operating Systems

Discussion: Chapter 12 Tour - Mobile. Linux, and OSX Operating Stems

Video LearnKey: Domain 1: Operating Systems > OS Types and Their Purposes > Windows. Linux, macOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS, iOS, and Android.
Assignment: LearnKey 220-1102 Workbook pgs. 47 & 48.

Start Chapter 12, Section 1 - Mobile Operating Systems

Read: Open Source vs. Closed Source

Read: Applications and Content Sources

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Compare Android and iOS

Read: Android Home Screen Items

Lab: Working with Android (Get together with someone with Android phone)

10/30/23 CCNA2

Start Module 8, Section 5 - Module Practice and Quiz

Lab: 8.5.1 Lab - Configure DHCPv6

Read: 8.5.2 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 8.5.3 Module Quiz - SLAAC and DHCPv6

Study for Module 8 Test


Read: iOS Home Screen Items

Lab: Working with iOS

Read: Screen Orientation

Read: Screen Calibration

Read: GPS

Lab: Mobile Device Features

Read: Wi-Fi Calling

Read: NFC Payment

Read: Virtual Private Network

Read: Virtual Assistants

Activity: What Do You Already Know? - Locks

Lab: Passcode Locks

Read: Restrictions on Failed Login Attempts

Activity: Check your Understanding - Screen Locks and Biometric Authentication

10/31/23 CCNA2

Conference: CFT video conference 11:00 am

Study: Module 8 PowerPoint

Review Video: Jason Johnson: Module 8 (19:22)

Test: Module 8

Start Module 9 - FHRP Concepts


Read: Remote Backup

Read: Locator Applications

Read: Remote Lock and Remote Wipe

Video: Professor Messer: Mobile Device Security (8:20)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Cloud-Enabled Services for Mobile Devices

Read: Antivirus

Read: Rooting and Jailbreaking

Read: Patching and Updating Operating Systems

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Mobile Security Features

Read: Introduction to Linux and Mac OS Operating Systems

Video: Professor Messer: Linux Features (3:57)

Read: Overview of the Linux GUI

Video: Professor Messer: macOS Features (8:05)

Read: Overview macOS GUI

Read: Overview of Linux and macOS CLI

Read: Linux Backup and Recovery

Read: macOS Backup and Recovery

Read: Overview of Disk Utilities

Activity: Check your Understanding - Linux and macOS Operating Systems