CCNA2 SRWE Module 10 - LAN Security Concepts

Date Subject Lesson Plan
11/10/23 CCNA2

CCNA2v7 Module 10 Reading Organizer

Start Module 10 - LAN Security Concepts

Read: 10.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 10.0.2 What will I learn in this module?

Start Module 10, Section 1 - Endpoint Security

Read: 10.1.1 Network Attacks Today

Read: 10.1.2 Network Security Devices
Video: Network Security Devices (6:51)

Read: 10.1.3 Endpoint Protection
Video: Professor Messer: Endpoint Protection (9:48)

Read: 10.1.4 Cisco Email Security Appliance

Read: 10.1.5 Cisco Web Security Appliance
Video: Cisco Web Security (5:02)

Activity: 10.1.6 Check Your Understanding - Endpoint Security

Assignment: Module 10 Study Guide 1-10


Start Chapter 13 - Security

Read: Intro

Read: Malware

Activity: What Do You Already Know? - Malware

Read: Viruses and Trojan Horses

Activity: Types of Malware

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Malware

  BPA BPA Prep
11/13/23 CCNA2

100% Club 12:30 (2023)
Video: Professor Messer 220-1102 Study Group

Start Module 10, Section 2 - Access Control

Read: 10.2.1 Authentication with a Local Password

Read: 10.2.2 AAA Components

Read: 10.2.3 Authentication

Read: 10.2.4 Authorization

Read: 10.2.5 Accounting

Read: 10.2.6 802.1X

Activity: 10.2.7 Check Your Understanding - Access Control

Assignment: Module 10 question 11-20


Read: Anti-Malware Programs

Read: Signature File Updates

Video Explanation: Protecting Against Malware

Read: Remediating Infected Systems

Video Explanation: Remediating an Infected System

Lab: Operating System Security (Use lab computers)

11/14/23 CCNA2

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Start Module 10, Section 3 - Layer 2 Security Threats

Read: 10.3.1 Layer 2 Vulnerabilities

Read: 10.3.2 Switch Attack Categories

Read: 10.3.3 Switch Attack Mitigation Techniques

Activity: 10.3.4 Check Your Understanding - Layer 2 Security Threats

Start Module 10, Section 4 - MAC Address Table Attack

Read: 10.4.1 Switch Operation Review

Read: 10.4.2 MAC Address Table Flooding

Read: 10.4.3 MAC Address Table Attack Mitigation

Activity: 10.4.4 Check Your Understanding - MAC Address Table Attacks

Module 10 question 21-30


Activity: Check Your Understanding - Preventing Malware

Activity: Networks Are Targets

Activity: Types of TCP/IP Attacks

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Identify the TCP/IP Attack

Read: Zero-Day

Read: Protecting Against Network Attacks

Read: Social Engineering
Video: Professor Messer: Social Engineering Attacks (9:59)

Activity: What Do You Already Know? - Social Engineering Techniques

Activity: Social Engineering Techniques

Read: Protecting Against Social Engineering

Video: LearnKey: Domain 2: 2.4 Social Engineering
Assignment: Forms of Phishing Worksheet

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Personal and Corporate Social Engineering Techniques

Read: What is a Security Policy
Video: Professor Messer: Security Policies (2:00)

Read: Security Policy Category

Read: Securing Devices and Data

Read: Physical Security
Video: Professor Messer: Physical Security (8:36)

Read: Types of Secure Locks

Read: Mantraps
Video: Mantraps (0:50)

Read: Securing Computers and Network Hardware

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Locking Mechanisms

  BPA Work on preparing for contests! Especially judged events!
11/15/23 CCNA2

Start Module 10, Section 5 - LAN Attacks

Demonstration Video: 10.5.1 VLAN and DHCP Attacks

Read: 10.5.2 VLAN Hopping Attacks
Video: Professor Messer: VLAN Hopping (5:41)

Read: 10.5.3 VLAN Double-Tagging Attack

Read: 10.5.4 DHCP Messages

Read: 10.5.5 DHCP Attacks
Video: Kevin Wallace: DHCP Attacks and Defense Strategies (19:19)

Demonstration Video: 10.5.6 ARP Attacks, STP Attacks, and CDP Reconnaissance

Read: 10.5.7 ARP Attacks
Video: Kevin Wallace: ARP Poisoning and Defense Strategies (20:05)

Read: 10.5.8 Address Spoofing Attack

Read: 10.5.9 STP Attack

Read: 10.5.10 CDP Reconnaissance
Video: Kevin Wallace: Mapping a Network with CDP or LLDP (6:10)

Activity: 10.5.11 Check Your Understanding - LAN Attacks

Assignment: Module 10 question 31-53 (finish)


Read: Data - Your Greatest Asset

Read: Data Backups

Read: File and Folder Permissions

Read: File and Folder Encryption

Read: Windows BitLocker and BitLocker To Go

Video Demonstration: Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go

Lab: Bitlocker and Bitlocker To Go
* Use your Windows 10 virtual machine
* Must use software vs. TPM because virtual

Read: Data Wiping Magnetic Media
Video: What is a degausser? (7:41)
Video: ElectroMagenetic degausser (4:26)

Read: Data Wiping Other Media

Read: Hard Drive Recycling and Destruction
Video: How to destroy a hard drive (15:33)

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Data Protection

11/16/23 CCNA2

Start Module 10, Section 6 - Module Practice and Quiz

Read: 10.6.1 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 10.6.2 Module Quiz - LAN Security Concepts

Review: Module 10 PowerPoint

Video Review: Jason Johnson: Module 10 LAN Security (26:27)

Test: Module 10 (12:00)


Video: What is HIPAA?

Video: Techquickie: What is a Privacy Screen? (5:47)

Read: Securing a Computer

Read: Securing BIOS

Read: Securing Windows Login

Read: Local Password Management

Read: Usernames and Passwords

Lab: Operating System Login

Activity: Check your Understanding - Secure a Workstation

Read: The Windows Local Security Policy

Read: Account Policies Security Settings

Read: Local Policies Security Settings

Read: Exporting the Local Security Policy

Lab: Configure Windows Local Security Policy

Activity: Check Your Understanding- Local Security Policy