CCNA2 SRWE Module 13 - WLAN Configuration

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/26/22 CCNA2

CCNA2v7 Module 13 Reading Organizer

Start Module 13 - WLAN Configuration

Read: 13.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 13.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 13, Section 1 - Remote Site WLAN Configuration

Demonstartion Video: 13.1.1 Configure a Wireless Network

Read: 13.1.2 Cisco Meraki MX64W

Read: 13.1.3 Log in to the Wireless Router

Read: 13.1.4 Basic Network Setup

Read: 13.1.5 Basic Wireless Setup

Read: 13.1.6 Configure a Wireless Mesh Network

Read: 13.1.7 NAT for IPv4

Read: 13.1.8 Quality of Service

Read: 13.1.9 Port Forwarding

PT: 13.1.10 Configure a Wireless Network

Assignment: Module 13 Study Guide 1-14

  A+ Software

01/28/22 CCNA2

BPA Awards Ceremony

Lab: 13.1.11 Configure a Wireless Network

IP Address: /24
Router Name: Your first name

DHCP Settings: Start IP address: 192.168.x.10 Maximum number of users: 20

Default Router Access: admin/admin or no username/admin (if it still doesn't work, reset the router)

Assigned SSID: FirstNameLastName


Start Chapter 14 - The IT Professional

Read: Relationship Between Communication Skills and Troubleshooting

Lab: Technician Resources
Use Device: RTX 3080

01/31/22 CCNA2

Start Module 13, Section 2 - Configure a Basic WLAN on the WLC

Video Demonstration: 13.2.1 Configure a Basic WLAN on the WLC (7:14)

Read: 13.2.2 WLC Topology

Read: 13.2.3 Log in to the WLC

Read: 13.2.4 View AP Information

Read: 13.2.5 Advanced Settings

Read: 13.2.6 Configure a WLAN

PT: 13.2.7 Configure a Basic WLAN on the WLC

Assignment: Module 13 Study Guide 15-17

  A+ Software

Read: Relationship Between Communication Skills and Professional Behavior

Read: Know, Relate, and Understand

Read: Active Listening

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Closed Ended and Open Ended Questions

Demonstration Video: Active Listening and Summarizing (2:19)

Read: Using Professional Behavior with the Customer

02/01/22 CCNA2

Disassemble Display Case

Start Module 13, Section 3 - Configure a WPA2 Enterprise WLAN on the WLC

Demonstration Video: 13.3.1 Define an SNMP and RADIUS Server on the WLC (5:35)

Read: 13.3.2 SNMP and RADIUS

Read: 13.3.3 Configure SNMP Server Information

Read: 13.3.4 Configure RADIUS Server Information

Demonstartion Video: 13.3.5 Configure a VLAN for a New WLAN

Read: 13.3.6 Topology with VLAN 5 Addressing

Read: 13.3.7 Configure a New Interface

Demonstration Video: 13.3.8 Configure a DHCP Scope (3:34)

Read: 13.3.9 Configure a DHCP Scope

Demonstration Video: 13.3.10 Configure a WPA2 Enterprise WLAN (5:24)

Read: 13.3.11 Configure a WPA2 Enterprise WLAN

PT: 13.3.12 Configure a WPA2 Enterprise WLAN on the WLC

Assignment: Module 13 Study Guide 18-22

  A+ Software

Read: Tips for Hold and Transfer

Video Demonstration: Hold and Transfer

Activity: What Do You Already Know? - Netiquette

Read: Keeping the Customer Call Focused

Video Demonstration: The Talkative Customer

Video Demonstration: The Rude Customer

Video Demonstration: The Knowledgeable Customer

Video Demonstration: The Angry Customer

Video Demonstration: The Inexperienced Customer

02/02/22 CCNA2

Start Module 13, Section 4 - Troubleshoot WLAN Issues

Read: 13.4.1 Troubleshooting Approaches

Read: 13.4.2 Wireless Client Not Connecting

Read: 13.4.3 Troubleshooting When the Network Is Slow

Read: 13.4.4 Updating Firmware

PT: 13.4.5 Troubleshoot WLAN Issues

Assignment: Module 13 Study Guide 23-30

  A+ Software

Read: Documentation Overview

Read: IT Department Documentation

Read: Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Documentation

Read: Change Control Process

Read: Disaster Recovery Overview

Read: Preventing Downtime and Data Loss

Read: Elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan
Link: Choosing an Emergency Backup Power Generator

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Disaster Recovery

02/07/22 CCNA2

Start Module 13, Section 5 - Module Practice and Summary

PT: 13.5.1 WLAN Configuration

Read: 13.5.2 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 13.5.3 Module Quiz - WLAN Configuration

  A+ Software

Read: Ethical and Legal Considerations in IT

Read: Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Read: Protected Health Information (PHI)

Lab: Investigate Breaches of PII, PHI, PCI

02/08/22 CCNA2

Study: Modules 10-13

  A+ Software

Start 1:30

Read: Legal Considerations in IT

Read: Licensing

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Licensing

Read: Computer Forensics

Read: Data Collected in Computer Forensics

Read: Cyber Law

Read: First Response

Read: Documentation

Read: Chain of Custody

Activity: Check Your Understanding - Legal Procedures Overview

02/11/22 CCNA2

Test: Modules 10-13

Start Module 14 - Routing Concepts