CCNA3 ENSA Module 2 - Single-Area OSPFv2 Config.

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03/06/24 CCNA3

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Link: Module 2 Study Guide

Video: YouTube "A Day in the Life of a Network Technician"

Start Module 2, Section 0 - Introduction

Read: 2.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 2.0.2 What will I learn to do in this module?

Start Module 2, Section 1 - OSPF Router ID

Read: 2.1.1 OSPF Reference Topology

Read: 2.1.2 Router Configuration Mode for OSPF

Read: 2.1.3 Router IDs

Read: 2.1.4 Router ID Order of Precedence

Read: 2.1.5 Configure a Loopback Interface as the Router ID

Read: 2.1.6 Explicitly Configure a Router ID

Read: 2.1.7 Modify a Router ID

Syntax Checker: 2.1.8 Configure R2 and R3 Router IDs

Activity: 2.1.9 Check Your Understanding - OSPF Router ID

Assignment: Module 2 Study Guide 1-16

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Start Module 2, Section 2 - Point-to-Point OSPF

Read: 2.2.1 The network Command Syntax

Read: 2.2.2 The Wildcard Mask

Activity: 2.2.3 Check Your Understanding - The Wildcard Masks

Read: 2.2.4 Configure OSPF Using the network Command

Syntax Checker: 2.2.5 Configure R2 and R3 Using the network Command

Read: 2.2.6 Configure OSPF Using the ip ospf Command

Syntax Checker: 2.2.7 Configure R2 and R3 Using the ip ospf Command

Read: 2.2.8 Passive Interface
Video: Rick Graziani: OSPFv2 Configuration: Passive Interfaces (2:29)

Read: 2.2.9 Configure Passive Interfaces

Syntax Checker: 2.2.10 Configure R2 and R3 Passive Interfaces

Read: 2.2.11 OSPF Point-to-Point Networks

Read: 2.2.12 Loopbacks and Point-to-Point Networks

PT: 2.2.13 Point-to-Point Single-Area OSPFv2 Configuration

Assignment: Module 2 Study Guide 17-29

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Video: CompTIA or Cisco? (17:09)

Start Module 2, Section 3 - Multiaccess OSPF Networks
Video: Rick Graziani: OSPF DR and BDR for Multiaccess Networks (16:36)

Read: 2.3.1 OSPF Network Types

Read: 2.3.2 OSPF Designated Router

Read: 2.3.3 OSPF Multiaccess Reference Topology

Read: 2.3.4 Verify OSPF Router Roles

Read: 2.3.5 Verify DR/BDR Adjacencies

Read: 2.3.6 Default DR/BDR Election Process

Read: 2.3.7 DR Failure and Recovery

Read: 2.3.8 The ip ospf priority Command

Read: 2.3.9 Configure OSPF Priority

Syntax Checker: 2.3.10 Configure OSPF Priority

PT: 2.3.11 Determine the DR and BDR

Assignment: Module 2 Study Guide 30-50

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03/13/24 CCNA3

Video: How I passed Security+ in under 2 weeks | Study Tools & Test Experience (19:34)

Start Module 2, Section 4 - Modify Single-Area OSPFv2

Read: 2.4.1 Cisco OSPF Cost Metric
Video: Rick Graziani: OSPF: OSPF Cost Metric (5:31)

Read: 2.4.2 Adjust the Reference Bandwidth

Read: 2.4.3 OSPF Accumulates Costs

Read: 2.4.4 Manually Set OSPF Cost Value

Read: 2.4.5 Test Failover to Backup Route

Syntax Checker: 2.4.6 Modify the Cost Values for R2 and R3

Video: How Does OSPF Work? (12:07)

Read: 2.4.7 Hello Packet Intervals

Read: 2.4.8 Verify Hello and Dead Intervals

Read: 2.4.9 Modify OSPFv2 Intervals

Syntax Checker: 2 4.10 Modifying Hello and Dead Intervals on R3

PT: 2.4.11 Modify Single-Area OSPFv2

Assignment: Module 2 Study Guide 51-74

  A+ Practice Test
03/14/24 CCNA3

Start Module 2, Section 5 - Default Route Propogation
Video: Rick Graziani: Propagating Default Route in OSPF (5:01)

Read: 2.5.1 Propagate a Default Static Route in OSPFv2

Read: 2.5.2 Verify the Propagated Default Route

PT: 2.5.3 Propagate a Default Route in OSPFv2

Start Module 2, Section 6 - Verify Single-Area OSPFv2

Read: 2.6.1 Verify OSPF Neighbors

Read: 2.6.2 Verify OSPF Protocol Settings

Read: 2.6.3 Verify OSPF Process Information

Read: 2.6.4 Verify OSPF Interface Settings

Syntax Checker: 2.6.5 Verify Single-Area OSPFv2

PT: 2.6.6 Verify Single-Area OSPFv2

Study: Module 1 - 2 for exam

Assignment: Module 2 Study Guide 75-86 (end)

  A+ Practice Test
03/15/24 CCNA3

Start Module 2, Section 7 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 2.7.1 Single-Area OSPFv2 Configuration

Lab: 2.7.2 Configure Single-Area OSPFv2

03/18/24 CCNA3

PT: 2.7.3 Multiarea OSPF Exploration: Parts 1, 2, and 3

Review Video: Arthur Salmon: CCNA3 Module 2 (43:37)

Review Video: Keith Barker: OSPF Cisco 220-301 (56:25)

Read: 2.7.4 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 2.7.4 Module Quiz - Single-Area OSPFv2 Configuration

Video: NetITGeeks: CCNA3 Module 1: Single Area OSPFv2 Concepts (40:41)
Video: NetITGeeks: CCNA3 Module 2: Single Area OSPFv2 Configuration (1:48:51)

Review PowerPoint: Module 1
Review PowerPoint: Module 2

Test: Modules 1 - 2 OSPF

Start Module 3 - Network Security Concepts

  A+ Practice Test