CCNA3 ENSA Module 12 - Network Troubleshooting

Date Subject Lesson Plan
05/05/23 CCNA3v7

Start Module 12 - WLAN Concepts

Read: 12.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 12.0.2 What will I learn in this module?

Read: 12.1.1 Documentation Overview

Read: 12.1.2 Network Topology Diagrams

Read: 12.1.3 Network Device Documentation

Read: 12.1.4 Establish a Network Baseline

Read: 12.1.5 Step 1 - Determine What Types of Data to Collect

Read: 12.1.6 Step 2 - Identify Devices and Ports of Interest

Read: 12.1.7 Step 3 - Determine the Baseline Duration

Read: 12.1.8 Data Measurement

Activity: 12.1.9 Check Your Understanding - Network Documentation

Module 12 Sections 2 - Troubleshooting Process

Read: 12.2.1 General Troubleshooting Procedures

Read: 12.2.2 Seven-Step Troubleshooting Process

Read: 12.2.3 Question End Users

Read: 12.2.4 Gather Information

Read: 12.2.5 Troubleshooting with Layered Models

Read: 12.2.6 Structured Troubleshooting Methods

Read: 12.2.7 Guidelines for Selecting a Troubleshooting Method

Activity: 12.2.8 Check Your Understanding - Troubleshooting Process

05/08/23 CCNA3v7

Activity: Interns clean out lockers.

Activity: Binder grading is tomorrow.

Activity: Technical Employability Grading Scale

Activity: CVCC Paper Questionair - IMPORTANT!! Please enter information so you can be contacted in the future for a follow-up.

Activity: 2023 Cisco High School Externship Cisco High Externship Program is a comprehensive, unpaid VIRTUAL Summer Program designed to give rising seniors (Class of 2024) and graduating seniors (Class of 2023) an introduction to STEM careers at Cisco.

Students will be immersed in Cisco's history, culture, and technology at 1 of our Cisco virtual sites across the US & Canada. Application Deadline - May 12th Program Duration - July 5th - July 19th

Eligibility Requirements: Current high school juniors and seniors (Graduating 2024 or 2023) Minimum 3.0 GPA Have access to computer and the internet. Ability to participate in the program M-F, approximately 4 - 6 hrs per day.

To apply, complete the following application form, including: Student Application Form - High school transcript (official or unofficial) Resumé

Notes: Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected. Application Process: Competitive candidates will be invited to a virtual panel interview in late May/June.Tentative Program Dates: July 5th - July 19th. Program is Monday - Friday, approximately 4 - 6 hrs a day (between the hours of 9am - 5pm Eastern).

If you have any questions, please contact us at Due to high volume of inquiries, please expect a response within 24 - 72 hrs.

Start Module 12, Section 3 - Troubleshooting Tools

Read: 12.3.1 Software Troubleshooting Tools

Read: 12.3.2 Protocol Analyzers

Read: 12.3.3 Hardware Troubleshooting Tools

Read: 12.3.4 Syslog Server as a Troubleshooting Tool

Activity: 12.3.5 Check Your Understanding - Troubleshooting Tools

Module 12, Section 4 - Symptoms and Causes of Network Problems

Read: 12.4.1 Physical Layer Troubleshooting

Read: 12.4.2 Data Link Layer Troubleshooting

Read: 12.4.3 Network Layer Troubleshooting

Read: 12.4.4 Transport Layer Troubleshooting - ACLs

Read: 12.4.5 Transport Layer Troubleshooting - NAT for IPv4

Read: 12.4.6 Application Layer Troubleshooting

PT: 12.5.13 Packet Tracer - Troubleshoot Enterprise Networks (Start)

Activity: 12.4.7 Check Your Understanding - Symptoms and Causes of Network Problems

05/09/23 CCNA3v7

Assignment: Binders due today

Start Module 12, Section 5 - Troubleshooting Ip Connectivity

Read: 12.5.1 Components of Troubleshooting End-to-End Connectivity

Read: 12.5.2 End-to-End Connectivity Problem Initiates Troubleshooting

Read: 12.5.3 Step 1 - Verify the Physical Layer

Read: 12.5.4 Step 2 - Check for Duplex Mismatches

Read: 12.5.5 Step 3 - Verify Addressing on the Local Network

Read: 12.5.6 Troubleshoot VLAN Assignment Example

Read: 12.5.7 Step 4 - Verify Default Gateway

Read: 12.5.8 Troubleshoot IPv6 Default Gateway Example

Read: 12.5.9 Step 5 - Verify Correct Path

Read: 12.5.10 Step 6 - Verify the Transport Layer

Read: 12.5.11 Step 7 - Verify ACLs

Read: 12.5.12 Step 8 - Verify DNS

PT: 12.5.13 Packet Tracer - Troubleshoot Enterprise Networks (Finish)

Start Module 12, Section 6 - Module Practice and Quiz

PT: 12.6.1 Troubleshooting Challenge - Document the Network

05/10/23 CCNA3v7

Activity: Clean out lockers

PT: 12.6.2 Troubleshooting Challenge - Use Documentation to Solve Issues

Read: 12.6.3 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 12.6.4 Module Quiz - Network Troubleshooting

Test: Modules 9-12 (60 minutes)