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Friday's plan

  CVCC Orientation   Ice Breaker Activity   Resize Image in Paint   Website Publishing   The Internet
  Computer Lab Safety & Rules   Parts of a Laptop Computer   Microsoft Paint
YouTube Tutorial
  Speaker   Configuring a Router
  Desktop Publishing Activities   Digital Photography Pt 1   HTML Part 1
  Speaker   Posterboard Project
  Break   Break   Break   Break   Demos
  Paper Airplane Contest   Digital Photography Pt 2   HTML Part 2   Microsoft PowerPoint   Free time
  Parts of a Desktop Computer   Skittles Spreadsheet   Microsoft Excel   PowerPoint Story   Outdoor Education
  Lunch   Lunch   Lunch   Lunch   Luncheon
  MineCraft World   MineCraft World   MineCraft World   MineCraft World    
  Build Your Virtual House in MineCraft   Mining Resources   Upgrade Houses   Screenshots    
  Clean-up   Clean-up   Clean-up   Clean-up    

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