CCNA2 SRWE Module 12 - WLAN Concepts

Date Subject Lesson Plan
01/03/23 CCNA2

CCNA2v7 Module 12 Reading Organizer

Start Module 12 - WLAN Concepts

Read: 12.0.1 Why should I take this module?

Read: 12.0.2 What will I learn in this module?

Read: 12.1.1 Benefits of Wireless

Read: 12.1.2 Types of Wireless Networks

Read: 12.1.3 Wireless Technologies

Read: 12.1.4 802.11 Standards

Read: 12.1.5 Radio Frequencies

Read: 12.1.6 Wireless Standards Organizations

Activity: 12.1.7 Check Your Understanding - Introduction to Wireless

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 1-6

  A+ Software

Read: Firewalls

Read: Software Firewalls

Read: Windows Firewall

Read: Configuring Exceptions in Windows Firewall

  BPA Computer Network Technology
01/04/23 CCNA2

Quantum Computing:

Start Module 12, Section 2 - WLAN Components

Demonstration Video: 12.2.1 WLAN Components (6:12)

Read: 12.2.2 Wireless NICs

Read: 12.2.3 Wireless Home Router

Read: 12.2.4 Wireless Access Points

Read: 12.2.5 AP Categories

Read: 12.2.6 Wireless Antennas

Video: Cisco 9800-L Wireless Controller Overview and Setup (WLC) (24:32)

Activity: 12.2.7 Check Your Understanding - WLAN Components

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 7-13

  A+ Software

Read: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Lab: Configure Windows Firewall (Don't do - too many issues)

Activity: Check your Understanding - Windows Firewall

  BPA Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
01/05/23 CCNA2

Start Module 12, Section 3 - WLAN Operation

Demonstration Video: 12.3.1 WLAN Operation (11:50)

Read: 12.3.2 Wireless Topology Modes

Read: 12.3.3 BSS and ESS

Read: 12.3.4 802.11 Frame Structure

Read: 12.3.5 CSMA/CA

Read: 12.3.6 Wireless Client and AP Association

Read: 12.3.7 Passive and Active Discover Mode

Activity: 12.3.8 Check Your Understanding - WLAN Operation

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 14-21

  A+ Software

Read: Web Security

Read: InPrivate Browsing

Read: Pop-up Blocker

Read: SmartScreen Filter

Read: ActiveX Filtering

Activity: Check Your Understanding – Web Security

  BPA Server Administration Using Microsoft
01/06/23 CCNA2

Start Module 12, Section 4 - CAPWAP Operation

Video Demonstration: 12.4.1 CAPWAP (3:45)

Read: 12.4.2 Introduction to CAPWAP

Read: 12.4.3 Split MAC Architecture

Read: 12.4.4 DTLS Encryption

Read: 12.4.5 FlexConnect APs

Activity: 12.4.6 Check Your Understanding - CAPWAP Operation

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 22-26

  A+ Software

Read: Restrictive Settings

Read: Disable Auto-Play

Read: Operating System Service Packs and Security Patches

Activity: Check your Understanding - Security Maintenance

  BPA Network Administration Using Cisco
01/09/23 CCNA2

Start Module 12, Section 5 - Channel Management

Read: 12.5.2 Channel Selection

Read: 12.5.3 Plan a WLAN Deployment

Activity: 12.5.4 Check Your Understanding - Channel Management

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 27-36

  A+ Software

Read: What Do You Already Know? - Wireless Security

Read: Common Communication Encryption Types

Read: Wi-Fi Configuration Best Practices

Read: Authentication Methods

Read: Wireless Security Modes

Read: Firmware Updates

Read: Firewalls

Read: Port Forwarding and Port Triggering

Read: Universal Plug and Play

PT: Configure Wireless Security

  BPA Computer Security
01/10/23 CCNA2

BPA Prep

  A+ Software

BPA Prep

  BPA Linux Operating System Fundamentals
01/11/23 CCNA2

BPA Judged Events

Mid-Term Exam - WebXam - Routing & Switching
Mid-Term Exam - WebXam - Computer Software

01/12/23 CCNA2

Start Module 12, Section 6 - WLAN Threats

Demonstation Video: 12.6.1 WLAN Threats (5:41)

Read: 12.6.2 Wireless Security Overview

Read: 12.6.3 DoS Attacks

Read: 12.6.4 Rogue Access Points

Read: 12.6.5 Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Activity: 12.6.6 Check Your Understanding - WLAN Threats

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 37-40


Read: The Six Steps to the Troubleshooting Process

Read: Identify the Problem

Read: Establish a Theory of Probable Cause

Read: Test the Theory to Determine Cause

Read: Establish a Plan of Action to Resolve the Problem and Implement the Solution

Read: Verify Full System Functionality and, If Applicable Implement Preventive Measures

Read: Document Findings, Actions, and Outcomes

Activity: Common Problems and Solutions for Security

Lab: Document Customer Information in a Work Order

Read: Summary

Study: Chapter 13 Test

01/13/23 CCNA2

Start Module 12, Section 7 - Secure WLANS

Demonstration Video: 12.7.1 Secure WLANs

Read: 12.7.2 SSID Cloaking and MAC Address Filtering

Read: 12.7.3 802.11 Original Authentication Methods

Read: 12.7.4 Shared Key Authentication Methods

Read: 12.7.5 Authenticating a Home User

Read: 12.7.6 Encryption Methods

Read: 12.7.7 Authentication in the Enterprise

Read: 12.7.8 WPA3

Activity: 12.7.9 Check Your Understanding - Secure WLANs

Start Module 12, Section 8 - Module Practice and Quiz

Read: 12.8.1 What did I learn in this module?

Activity: 12.8.2 Module Quiz - WLAN Concepts

Assignment: Module 12 Study Guide 41-48 (end)

  A+ Software

Test: Chapter 13

01/17/23 CCNA2

Test: Module 12

Start Module 13 - WLAN Configuration